Ather 450 Pre-owned Buy/Sell

Hello. I’m planning to sell my Ather 450.

Edit: vehicle sold


Wanting to sell my Series 1 (limited edition) 450X Gen 2. Bought in Feb’2021 & covered 20 k kms. All services upto 20k kms done. 1 full paint protection done. Seat will be upgraded next month for free. Mirrors upgraded… Tyres upgraded… wall charger included…

Location: Mumbai

Reason to sell: Can’t resist buying a new Red Color 450X Gen 3. :blush::grinning:


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Hi, I bought my first Ather on lease with the intention to try an electric vehicle & evaluate if an electric four wheeler is a good bet for city commuting.

With Ather, I’m more than convinced about it. In fact, the new 450x has caught my imagination so much that I bought one a week ago!

As there is no need for two bikes, I’m looking to sell my 450. Contact me at +919845747317 if you are interested.

Spec: Ather 450 Took delivery on 25-June-2020 Odometer reading 8900 City Namma Bengaluru


Sold…thank you Ather community…


I would like to update that the bike is now sold


As we’re relocating, I’m looking out to sell my Jan 2023 Ather 450X Gen3, which is in scratch less brand new condition with only 330kms on odometer… Interested parties, email me back khangarotelavanya @ gmail


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I need to make a checklist for things to check when buying a used Ather. This will include:

  • General Stuff (any 2 wheeler)
  • EV Specific Stuff
  • Ather Specific Stuff

I have penned down a few points which I could think of. Ather users based on their experience and issues can add some more important stuff.

Here’s the list:

  • RC details like owners name, number of owners, motor number, chassis number, tax details etc.
  • Hypothecation (if still endorsed on the RC).
  • Insurance (IDV, Validity, Details of vehicle and owner tallying with RC).
  • Whether subsidy has been availed.
  • Whether new owner needs to prove eligibility for the subsidy or will it have to be paid back by the new owner.
  • Owners manual.
  • Both keys.
  • Software update status.
  • Service history.
  • Accident history if any.
  • General condition.
  • Tyre condition.
  • List of active subscriptions and expiry dates of the same.
  • Warranty / Extended Warranty Status.
  • Odometer reading.
  • Battery health (need to know how to check it)
  • Any pending Challans / Fines.
  • Test ride to check for any abnormal noises, condition of the suspension and if vehicle is pulling to one side.
  • Operation on all switches.
  • Touchscreen operation to check for smooth operation and not lagging or freezing.
  • Horn and lights.
  • Operation of locks (handle and seat)
  • Opening and closing of the seat.
  • Condition of the charger and charging port.

Anything I have missed out, please add.


You have summed up well. Excellent points. This will help rest of the buyers. Few comments from me, as below

These are 2 are not required. Subsidy is only for the first buyer.

This may not be applicable as you/we hardly use.

Rule of thumb: When you test ride, battery consumption should be around 1Km per % of SoC. (It may be little higher also, say 1~1.5% (Single rider with Weight of ~60Kg) per Km , depending on riding skills)

Hello any gen 2 owners sold your scooters back to Ather? They gave a 3 years assured buyback option. Or like gen 1 upgrade program this is also ignored?


Regarding the Battery Health, I just read somewhere that you can go into the Touchscreen menu and check it.

BTW it will be good if we can convert this list into a checklist form and save as a PDF so people can print and take when going to check a vehicle. We can omit the un-necessary points and add some more useful ones.


It used to be accessible on dropkick and it was like entering the dev setting of an android phone with nearly the same process of tapping. It would then show you all the dials from motor temperature,SoH etc it got patched over. Tho if you ask the sc they will surely tell you it is unreliable until you haven’t crossed the 10k km then they’ll check and inform you.


Is there a guide/reference to know exactly which generation of Ather someone has? With so many minor updates being characterized as generations, it is really hard to keep up which generation currently is going on. Is there a handy cheat sheet of some kind?

Want to sell my Ather 450x

5836 km driven, first service done.

Price - 1.20 lakh. Brought in 4th January 2023. Best condition with no scratches.

Selling because I have to shift abroad.

Please mail on for more.

All the best.

It’s cheap for 5k km considering the current price around 1.9L.

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Finally I got my hands on a Series 1 Ather 450X today.

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I want to sell my Ather 450x Grey colour Bought in Diwali 2022 9000km odometer Well maintained Tyre pressure monitoring system worth 5k Ather pro subscription ending in 2024 Ather connect 3 year subscription ending in 2026 5 year comprehensive bike insurance Bike is on loan. So loan transfer option also available. Floor mat Seat cover Price - 1.3 lakhs Location - Mumbai

Reason - I am moving abroad.

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