Ather 450 Pre-owned Buy/Sell

Hello. I’m planning to sell my Ather 450.

Edit: vehicle sold


Wanting to sell my Series 1 (limited edition) 450X Gen 2. Bought in Feb’2021 & covered 20 k kms. All services upto 20k kms done. 1 full paint protection done. Seat will be upgraded next month for free. Mirrors upgraded… Tyres upgraded… wall charger included…

Location: Mumbai

Reason to sell: Can’t resist buying a new Red Color 450X Gen 3. :blush::grinning:


As we’re relocating, I’m looking out to sell my Jan 2023 Ather 450X Gen3, which is in scratch less brand new condition with only 330kms on odometer… Interested parties, email me back khangarotelavanya @ gmail


Common miscommunication, the battery is safe to charge till 1C you can charge it with the same rating its not going to loose it’s life span so 750w charger is not going to reduce the life of the pack


Hi 450 Owners, did anyone of you get communication from Ather on upgrade program. They have mentioned that I can tradein 450 and get Apex for 1L

The worst part, I sold my 450 Gen 1.5 with a heavy heart on sunday to the nearby Ather dealership, booked 450s paying 95K extra and I got the message from Ather on monday :sob:

I would have got Apex/ 450x HR for similar price had I known about the upgrade program


Hi ,

I’m planning to upgrade to Apex, I didn’t register for exchange program as Apex model was not announced . Now planning to sell my Ather 450 2019 model which was purchased at Indiranagar branch Bangalore, it has clocked 35K . If anyone is interested, Pls message me on 9741111619.


Indiranagar, Bangalore


I have a Ather 450x 3.9K.Wh with ProPack model, 3 months old [purchased in Jan-2024], 1000KM. Perfectly in new conditions. Located in mangalore/puttur. As my daily run includes some hilly areas without proper road, i had an existing bach-ache, which got severed recently due to which riding small tyre vehicle is not recommended.

Therefore i am planning to sell it. If anyone is genuinely interested can respond back :slight_smile:

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Selling Ather portable changer new, dm if interested.


Looking to sell my Ather - Ather 450x 3.1 . :slight_smile:

1.4 years old - 6.9k KMs with portable charger and Ather Battery Protect.

Best condition without any scratches.

Price- 1.5 Lakhs - Non negotiable. Looking for a potential buyer in the next 4-5 days.

If you’re interested, sharing my number - 7008388761. HSR Layout, Bangalore.


got the worst value …I got 53K only for my 3.5 year old Ather 450 :smiling_face_with_tear: I’m disappointed at the low value of my treasured and first scooter(huge part of my life) than the monetary loss incurred to me. I immediately called up dealership to stop the transfer as soon as i heard about the upgrade program which I was eligible for. But I missed it by a day, my scooter was sold to new owner in just 1 day.

There should have been some intimation in the community/from @abhishek.balaji , @tarun before rolling out the upgrade program . I was in a hurry to get new one before the FAME subsidy closes, so had to go ahead with the sale (didnt want to lose the FAME benefit for my new scooter).

If I had known about the program just 1 day before, I would have purchased Apex which would be a great tribute to my 450 and I can rest, knowing my 450 went back to Ather


Hi Tushar I’m interested to get this. Can you share you contact here