Ather 450 Pre-owned Buy/Sell

Starting this thread for those looking to buy/sell Ather 450s

To make this thread easier to access and connect potential buyers and sellers, replies to this post older than 30 days would automatically be deleted.

This is assuming that once you post here, your transaction is complete within 30 days. If not, do post here again to bump it up.

Any useful info and discussions on resale would be archived going forward in the first post.


Looking to buy pre owned ather, if any one intresred in selling please contact on



Available ?

Hai i am interested please do call me at


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looking for used ather 450 contact me on


aren’t you the guy renting the ather on OLX after buying , just asking by the way,

Looking for pre-owned ather. DM me. Looking in Bangalore.

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Looking for a pre owned bike around bangalore.

In bangalore, looking to sell my Ather 450. Bought Feb 2019. < 1000Km. Parked in a garage. Almost brand new.

Drop me an email if interested.