Ather 450 Pre-owned Buy/Sell

Starting this thread for those looking to buy/sell Ather 450s

To make this thread easier to access and connect potential buyers and sellers, replies to this post older than 30 days would automatically be deleted.

This is assuming that once you post here, your transaction is complete within 30 days. If not, do post here again to bump it up.

Any useful info and discussions on resale would be archived going forward in the first post.


Hi guys if anyone r planning to sell 450 r 450x do let me know

do you have 450 for sale? contact me

Hi, does anyone have the portable charger for sale? If so, please DM me.

is it available i m intrested

is it available ?

I am looking for ather 450 used please do contact me…

Hi some of my friends ready to buy ATHER 450 model . If any 450 owners ready to sell. Please drop message.

Hi would like to have pre-owned Ather 450. If any one interested, please let me know. My location at Ahmedabad. Thx.

Let me know if anyone is willing to sell ather 450 plus

I’m interested to buy, pls DM me.

Any vehicle available in Chennai

Selling my Ather 450 along with Subscriptions. 2019 Model 4500 km covered. In pristine condition. Location Bangalore, Bellandur

Please Dm for more details

Hello, did the requirement for buying ather 450 closed or are you still interested in buy one

Yes I do have for sale, 2019 model 4500 kms run. lemme know if interested.

contact me

Hi sir, I am interested can you contact me

I dont know if numbers are allowed to be posted her but you can send me a message to harish427698 at gmail