Ather 450 owner requests!

Hey guys! @abhishek.balaji @tarun @atherspace.bglr Since everyone is upgrading from Ather 450 to 450X by selling their beloved 450 why can’t we ask the Ather Team to trade in some features of either the 450X or 450PLUS for a reasonable price? For example - touch of an android update to the dashboard. I mean couldn’t it be possible because the present dashboard lags way too much than the 450X , sometimes I don’t even feel to touch the display for its slow respond OR Maybe an upgrade from the 3G sim to a 4G one for a faster connectivity. And obviously at an affordable price and a few visits to the service center.

Some owners love their Ather 450 and it would obviously feel really bad to lose something that you have owned for a long time for few minor upgrades right.

I urge the Ather Team to think about this topic and respond.

I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying everyone. Very few people did.

Well the 450X dash has a hardware upgrade over the 450,

Ather has already spoken about this. They will be bringing an upgrade soon at under 3000 rupees

Also, some of the people have already upgraded the Sims.

Am also upgraded the SIM now it’s working fast.:innocent:

Can someone guide me for the process of upgrading the sim? And is the upgrade really useful or is just a waste of money?

I think people have swapped from Vodafone to BSNL 3g. AFAIK the upgrade ot 4g hasnt started for 450 yet

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There is no need to spend any money directly for the 3G SIM change (but indirectly yes, some time has to be spared). I rarely use the navigation and hence I’ve not yet chanhed the SIM. Will go for the 4g module upgrade whenever it’s available.

4G module upgrade? I don’t quite get that , can u tell me more about it please?

The 450 and the 450X use a SIM to provide the connectivity features. 450X comes with a 4G sim straight out of factory. 450 on the other hand uses a 3G sim or a 2G( need to check). After Vodafone India pulled the plug on its services,Ather will be upgrading the sim on the 450’s with 4G modules for a cost. This is about that.

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The module is basically a chip inside the dashboard that allows you to connect to the internet. The current module only supports 3G SIMs so when Vodafone stopped 3G services, the network automatically switched to 2G. That’s why using maps is really slow these days.

To connect to a 4G network, the module has to be changed to one that supports 4G SIMs. So as a temporary resolution, they’re offering to change the SIM (for free) to BSNL which still supports 3G services.

You can either get the BSNL SIM change done immediately if you like. Or wait till the upgrade to 4G module plans are revealed.

Some of people have done it. Takes about 4 hrs to complete the process.

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