Ather 450 Owner Alerts

Hey @Ather_Owner,

A couple of owners had reported that there was a difference in the reimbursements they had received as part of the Ather One 360 subscription, and their actual charging sessions.

As we looked back into the data on charging sessions for previous months to identify any discrepancy, the April - June quarter stood out. One of the key reasons for this was that during the lockdown, many of us ended up plugging in our Ather 450s for longer than what we usually did, sometimes for days or weeks at a time! This resulted in a few charging sessions being missed when we calculated the reimbursement amount for the April - June 2020 Quarter.

Thanks to the community members reporting this, we were able to fix this discrepancy in the charging sessions recorded. While for a lot of you, the discrepancy is just a couple of units, we’ll still be reimbursing the amount missed for all those affected, by October regardless of if you’re under the Ather One 360 plan currently.

If you’re affected by this, we’ll be sending you an email soon with the discrepancy noted in your reimbursement. We’re also working on re-generating the ride logs for the months where there might be a discrepancy for those affected, and will keep you posted.


Hey folks!

Vodafone didn’t end up shutting down 3G earlier in August. We’ve been in touch with them and they’ve given us a new date of 31st October. Post that, your scooter will move to Vodafone 2G networks.

Here’s the plan and a few updates:

The previous OTA update (4.2.2) will ensure that the essential functions and features on your scooter are stable while it’s on 2G.

As announced earlier, the 4G module upgrade for existing scooters is on track, and we’ll start installations in March 2021. We’re offering this at a nominal cost of Rs. 2500 + GST, to make it accessible for all of our owners.

We’re offering a 50% discount on Ather Connect Lite or Pro for each day your scooter is on 2G until the 4G upgrade module is available in March 2021.

Meanwhile, we’re making the option to avail a SIM Swap to BSNL 3G at our service center.

We’ll be sending you an email shortly with a link to book a slot.


The Ather 450 -> 450X upgrade program is here

Hey folks!

We’re glad to kick off the Ather Certified Pre-Owned Program. It’s the first step in moving up to the Ather 450X from your Ather 450. We’ll reach out to you over email to begin this process and register for the program soon. Onboarding will happen in the order of the pre-orders done for the Ather 450X.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Register yourself as a seller

Fill up a simple form with a few details of your vehicle, usage, and ownership. This form will be sent to you over email if you’re eligible for the program.

Book a slot for the Ather Health Certificate (AHC)

Once you fill the form, you’ll be directed to a link to book an appointment for the Ather Health Certificate. We’re opening up slots to get the evaluation done for the next three weeks.

Complete the payment for the Ather Health Certificate

Once you book your slot for the AHC evaluation, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to complete the payment.

Ready your vehicle for AHC with a simple step Before you head over for the AHC evaluation, there’s a one-time activity to get an accurate battery health score. Follow these steps:

  1. Let your vehicle’s battery drain to less than 20%
  2. If you were riding before this, let the vehicle rest for about 30 minutes before plugging it in
  3. Leave the vehicle plugged in to charge completely overnight

Visit the service center for the AHC

The AHC evaluation will be done at our service centers in Bengaluru and Chennai by dedicated service technicians. Once the assessment is completed, we’ll share the AHC with you over email.

Meet with a buyer

We have a dedicated support team, who’ll connect you with potential buyers based on matching requirements. We’ll make this as hassle-free as possible for you to sell your Ather 450.

That’s it, you can go ahead and complete your Ather 450X order, and the AHC fee would be applied as a discount.


  • The AHC has been designed specifically for the Ather Certified Pre-owned program to help you as a seller have a better conversation with potential buyers.
  • The AHC is priced at Rs. 1695 (excl GST), which gets waived off when you upgrade to the Ather 450X. The fee is to ensure that we’re able to prioritize this service for genuine upgrade customers. To be true to that spirit, the entire fee would be applied as a discount when you purchase the Ather 450X. If you already completed the 450X payment, we’ll waive off the price completely and you do not have to pay for the AHC
  • This program would be available only to those who own an Ather 450 and have preordered the Ather 450X. If you’re eligible, you’ll get an email to start the process.
  • To begin with, we’re opening up slots for the next 2 weeks and inviting customers in batches based on their sequence in the Ather 450X pre-order queue. We will ramp up soon and open up more slots once we gain pace.

Hey Ather 450 owner,

The 4G upgrade will be available from mid-March to make the on-board navigation seamless and improve the app-scooter connectivity. This over-the-ground upgrade will be made available to you conveniently at your doorstep so that you can extract the maximum out of your intelligent vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, it’ll be nominally priced at Rs.2500 + GST. We will open it up for customers in the following sequence -

  • Own a vehicle that is now on 2G (Vodafone SIM) and subscribed to Connect Lite/Pro or any Ather One plan
  • Own a vehicle that is now on 2G (Vodafone SIM) and not subscribed to Connect Lite/Pro or any Ather One plan.
  • Own a vehicle that is now on 3G (BSNL SIM)

We’ve dropped an email to collect interest from those of you currently on 2G. If you are interested in a 4G upgrade, do fill the form out and you’ll be the first to get notified when the upgrade comes out. Also, note that the SIM swap activity will be discontinued once the 4G upgrade has been rolled out.