Ather 450 model is stopped ?!


I heard news that the Ather 450 model booking is stopped!

Now only 450plus and 450X models are available. It is right? :thinking:

I cross checked website also and it’s not showing 450 and there is no option to pre-order the 450 :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure. I heard Until stock available it will be sold in Bangalore and Chennai… My friend ordered it last week

Yes, its true. Ather is not accepting any more bookings for 450.

One of my friend booked 6th of this month…

Today another friend went to Bangalore showroom to book 450 but got option to book 450+ or 450X

It’s a bad news for all those people who needed a electric smart scooter at a very good price


Ather 450 production is stopped and sale of Ather 450 open till the available stock, further online booking is applicable only for 450X and 450Plus. this is the info i got from chennai sales team on last week of Oct’20

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