Ather 450 marketplace

I was actually surprised to see this

These prices will porbbaly become more relevant once the 450 is out of production. I wouldn’t be surprised if they increased the price also. But I’m actually curious to know how these 5 are up for sale. The oldest is about 18 momths old and the newest is just over a year old. I’m assuming they ended their lease or is it something else ?

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Anybody looking to buy 450 please DM me.

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Is it 1st generation?

Thanks for this

Updating: This vehicle is sold to a friend of mine for 85,000/- for all your information. Thanks. Sudhanva

Hi All, I am selling my 450 because I am moving out of Bangalore and wont be able to use it where I am moving.

These are the Vehicle Details:

  1. Odometer reading - 4412 KM on 27 Sept 2020 - KA05**0925
  2. Month of Purchase - Feb 2019 It still has company warranty till Feb 2022 + 3 Party Insurance till Feb 2024 + Comprehensive insurance till Feb 2021.
  3. Expected Price for your vehicle - 90,000/- which is more than 20% depreciation.
  4. Email ID - or DM for more details.

Here is a photo of the vehicle and the Ather Home Point in the background.


U scooter getting price 80 to 85 k … As my experience…

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Hi All,

I am plannning to sell my portable charger latest version for 8k. If anyone interested please DM me