Ather 450 is not turning on

My ather 450 is not sliding to turn on, it is at off and if I put the keys it’s just not going to on , pls help me ather and how to force off the charger , we have put the charger in the vehicle, now in order to turn off the charger we need to turn on 459 , on so we can’t turn on the vehicle and take the charger off, edit : the 450 is not turning on , as the keys is not turning to on , it is in off and won’t turn to on, how to do soft reboot if the vehicle is turned off

Edit : soft reboot was possible but I couldn’t open the charger and the the key was not turning to on position :frowning:

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try to soft restart, by pressing both brakes and start button for 5-10 secs the screen will turn off and restart, in that time the lock in the charger port might disconnect for a sec you can pull it out

Do you mean that the key is not turning to On position? If so, it looks like some mechanical issue. I don’t think soft reboot is possible if the ignition is off. Please contact support to get your vehicle checked.

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