Ather 450 in Hyderabad - Saad

I have bought a new ather 450 in Hyderabad. According to ather I’m the first owner here, however, I wanted to cross check here in the community regarding the same. If someone who owns it do revert back so that we can catch up. I stay in sanathnagar Cheers!


How did you buy in Hyderabad when Ather is not yet started sales officially? They did not even open showroom in Hyderabad.

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Yes, ather has not started yet in hyderabad,is it the ather 450x pre order?

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I bought the ather 450 in Bangalore and brought it to Hyderabad . And according to them I’m the first owner for it.

Did you register it in hyderabad or with the KA plate?

KA 51 electronic city

Oh then, it might be difficult with cops, if they come across

How u moved the scooter from Bangalore to Hyderabad

There’s a gati office in GM palya, you can contact mr muniraj 96119 85009 he has done the best packaging and got the bike here without a scratch. He charged me 6000/- please contact him.


If you are planning to keep the vehicle in Hyderabad permanently and possibly get a TS registration later…then you are probably the first person. But your 450 is the first to run on Hyderabad roads. Hyderabad roads have seen an Ather before and that is of Flight 6947 of @Abhishek

Whatever is the case. Congratulations! Wishing you happy riding. Also wish you don’t get into issues that need the attention of Ather staff…at least till they are officially there

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Yes I know him very well. He lives in Bangalore though.

Just 2 more months and they will be here hopefully.

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Wow its nice … even i am planning to move from Bangalore to hyderabad. Do you face any challenges? With bike or cops? Please I need some guidance.