Ather 450 Gen 1 review - 3yrs 20,000Km

Thats not what you want to see. Does it smell like rubber or like metal welding smell

Similar to Welding. Whatt does It mean?

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I think it might be the brake pads rubbing the disc. Try adjusting the brakes a bit.

you definitely need to replace the calliper, or at least remove it and send it in for repair, metal grinding smell means that the pad is either worn out or is tilted and creating uneven wear. The more you use, the more it will wear out the disc prematurely.


Very well written and summarised. I was thinking of writing my 10k review but after reading this i don’t think I will. The tough regen (which almost makes me feel the entire throttle will break off) , useless mirrors, rough body panels, rolling resistance. These are almost all aspects that I thought of covering.

The very few things that I’d like to disagree: Oh lord, the service, I’d give 2 / 10. This is not a kind of experience i expected for a 1.6L scooter. The infamous water splash especially for our poor pillion over wet roads. People have resigned their own mudguard now. The below average dashboard experience.

Hope these issues have been fixed or atleast they’re trying to fix .

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My Ather’s 30k kms periodic service was done at 29876kms. Which means it falls between **800 - **200 kms as you have mentioned. Still the Service Schedule shows the 30k periodic service is overdue.

Also check the history it shows on 04May2022 Periodic service at 25k kms completed but in Service Schedule it shows as missed.

And service history shows that the 20k kms Periodic Service done twice.!! Which is how possible .? The Service Schedule shows 4th service availed at 27046.7km…!! How come 4th service (20k kms) can be done after 5th service (25k kms) at 27046.7km.??


Recently after pumping the brakes after removing the caliper from front wheel the 3 pistons moved and was unable to push it back due to lack of tools as I had to replace the front disc pads. As space was the inadequate between piston and caliper, put back the old brake pads and after this it started smoking just like your video, reason was that piston was not retracting back to the cylinder as it was stuck and not freely moving. Later remove the caliper , removed the 3 pistons and gently scraped the 3 pistons using sandpaper to remove any salt/dirt/oxidation on the piston surface ( this is a aluminum piston) deposited as its been over 3 yrs now that it was serviced. Later applied some engine oil on cylinder surface put back the pistons and put back the calipers with the new brake pads and its working normally , not need to replace caliper , its just a common issue on 450 and may be even on 450 X. Its serviceable , at service station its always told to replace caliper which is not necessary.

you can get replacement pistons and boots as they are the same as Hero Glamour FI, sanding the piston is the last option as it will leak in future.

I just got it working after doing the process, and brakes are working fine , im happy even if this runs for another 5k kms as I dont run the vehicle much. :slight_smile:


If You have Valid Points He won’t talk back bro

Ather system is a miss on a lot of time, but if the system is showing that a Service is missed then kindly shoot a Mail to so that they can update the service logs

Hey Vasanth, Our team is working on your concern. You will get an update soon.


Not only Mr.Vasanth facing the issue , Most of the Customers are facing brother


Hey Melvin,

Thanks for taking it into the account. Now the portal shows 6th servcie(30k kms) availed. But the 4th and 5th service went missing from service schedule itself.!

Only the 6th service is showing now.

Also the service history still shows 20k kms service done twice. 24Oct2021 is the actual 20k kms service. The 28July2022 is not any periodic service.