Ather 450 Charging and Range Issue

I am facing the issues while charging the 450 using dot. Even though the charger indicates Green flashing, actual range is not increasing with charging. Also observed sudden drop in the Range from 63km to 39km while charging.

Tried restarting the vehicle and ather dot. But result is same - charging not happening and range is coming down drastically in few minutes.

Any one faced this issue? Also requested for service support from Ather team.

Does your 450 gets charged from lower SoC to higher SoC? Say 50% to 100%? Even at 100% SoC , are you saying the range has dropped from 63km (Eco I guess) to 39Km? Is this what it gets displayed in Dashboard?

When i starts charging yesterday night SOC was 90+ % and Range was 63Km in Ride mode. Today morning while checking SOC was around 60% with range as 39Km in ride mode (Charger was connected and expected 100% SOC and 65Km range). Even after i tried charging and SOC reached around 70% with range as 47km, But after that charging not happening and it starts decrementing (both SOC and Range) with in 30min (from 47 to 39km)

Hmm… Did you try shutting down and restarting? Same behaviour? if yes, then it must be something to do with Battery (not charger).

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Issue got resolved finally…

I tried shutting down the vehicle and turning ON again. Then display and mobile app showing 65km with 100%. So looks like the dashboard and app is not synced with the actual value.

It was not updated correctly even after restarting the vehicle. Only with shut down it got resolved.

Thanks for the input Rajesh


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