Ather 450 @ 50K 🛵❣️


This is not the owner posting , I'm just a user and i will share some of my experience with the scooter.

Caution I have posted so many photos and youtube videos which might end up giving you a 50% alert if you are using mobile data and the topic is also very longggggggggg

Gentlemen…!! 50k :partying_face:

This is where it completed 50k ( I purposely made it to complete there :wink:)

This is how the scooter is looking after completing 50000 kilometers

My father’s age reached 50 years on August and at the same time the scooter’s km reached 50000 km and at the same time Ather energy completed manufacturing 50000 scooter’s

Coincidence ultra legend pro max. I asked my dad that shall we cut cake with a scooter photo on the cake with a big 50 written on it, but he purely disagreed and said no that’s not gonna happen :pensive:

In the beginning

To start from first we bought our Ather on August 2019 ( i don’t remember the exact date ). Actually my dad was looking for a pulsar which was best for his daily commute but that was the time where electric vehicles were entering into the market and started making name. My dad also searched so many times but he couldn’t find a perfect one for him, every ev built were either didn’t had a higher top speed or they didn’t even gave the feel of a normal scooter, in some ev if we switch on the light there will be more usage of charge ( this was the main thing to back out from Okinawa or hero electric) but my dad somehow figured out Ather in online websites, visited the EC, enquired about the scooter and booked it. It took almost 3-4 months to get the delivery of the scooter. In that time when my dad said that i have booked an ev i was like what!! You can’t even come in the night with a single charge and no higher top speed and not much space in the boot which doesn’t even fit a helmet. My dad said ok you will see wait. I asked for a photo and which scooter so my dad said that i also dont know much about it, the scooter name starts with A, so i didn’t care much about it at that time, i was just enjoying the ICE feel.

That day when my dad took the delivery and bought it to the home, i was like what is this white looking? Is this a scooter? And what is that sound? It was night when he bought the scooter so couldn’t see much of the scooter. After some time when i went for a ride i was like WHAT!!! WHAT!!! for everything. When i went on a pothole i thought that it would hit me ( because of riding older ice vehicles i was familiar with that suspension ) but after passing the pothole i was like Oh my goodness what was that :exploding_head:. Came back to home my dad explained to me some features of the dashboard and said it also has a reverse gear i was like WHAT!! again. Also while parking the scooter i searched for the center stand and my dad asked what are you searching for i said center stand he said no that’s not there in this scooter i was like WHAT!! again :sweat_smile: . We were searching for a scooter like activa and we had got a scooter more than an activa. ( I’m really sorry i was so so excited to see the scooter that i didn’t even capture a photo on the first day, the first photo of the scooter waa captured after a year or so)

The First dashboard photo was also captured after a year :point_down:

My dad bought the portable charger to charge at first and then after a week or so the technician came and fitted the white looking pod, which was looking crazy when the green light has turned on :heart_eyes:. Some earthing problems near our home but we have figured it now and no issues. I personally loved the Gen 1 charger’s magnetic lock it never ever failed even once and it was just effortless to remove it and put it back but i think when people are taking delivery of their scooter they also need to be explained how to handle the fast charging grids because some people randomly pull towards downside which puts up strain on the charger.

After few weeks my father was riding 100+ kms a day so he wasn’t even having the time to charge so at that time i took Ather and started riding, every km a drive i learnt something new, that auto cut off indicator was like a luxurious feature. Wherever i go everyone asks Electric? And also many more random questions which you all have also experienced but now since so many scooter’s are there are on the road not everyone asks about the scooter but when i give a full throttle in sports mode people still turn back and see.

After few days my dad started riding it again and he was almost travelling 100kms a day. Just few months after that the lockdown kicked in and that’s where almost so many scooter’s started sitting idle but our 450 not even stopped a single day just went on raising up number’s on the odo. The general service was happening like every 3 months. The lockdown time was the time where our 450 has been used the most. Even if the scooter was in home i couldn’t see it sitting idle i was also taking it for a spin, my dad was using it, sometimes my cousin sister was using it, which made the numbers go up instantly. From 10,000km to 20,000km it went very fast and from 20,000km to 30,000km it went even more fast (lockdown time). After 30,000km my dad got transfered almost near to our home and the scooter was running only 50-60kms a day but still whenever my dad reaches home early i would again take it for a spin which would make the scooter’s daily distance 100km.

This is one of our highest achieved ride log when the daily distance was 100+km

Modifications done to the scooter

Except the seat :seat: no other things have been changed. My dad was traveling almost 1 hours 30 mins continuously so he was getting severe back pain then he considered to heighten the seat a little bit, at first this was the seat cover which was installed. ( Sorry i didn’t even capture a photo of that seat cover at that time ) It was really looking ugly so i didn’t even like a bit.

The seat cover was almost same like this but instead of white ours was red.

But this was also not so perfect then i said how about you just heighten the seat in the front with little extra foam, before only seat cover was installed but now we had heighten the seat which was very very comfortable to ride. Since the seat had become height short people couldn’t ride it easily because their legs wont touch the ground while stopping but in our family everyone was height enough to handle it which was of no issues.

If the seat is changed it affects overall design of the scooter but my dad looked after the health first and the design next.

Charging and fast charging

As so many of you mentioned the 450 generates heat while charging near the floorboard due to which dogs and cats sleeps near the scooter, same in our case

At present in home charging the scooter takes exactly 1 hour 40 mins to go from 15% to 80% and from 80% to 100% it takes 45 mins.

After completing 100% the fan will be still running in the 450 so after 100% the fan takes 35 mins to turn off after this in dashboard it shows charging completed. One more thing for half an hour it charges 20% :zap:

When it comes to fast charging the scooter started fast charging from 1st month itself. In home it was always been fully charged but while coming back home my dad needed to charge somewhere because he would have already been traveled 60-70km and the charge would almost be 5% - 10% so he would always charge the scooter at Nature’s basket, Bangalore ( Which has been removed right now😔) he had to top up to atleast to 35 km in ride mode since he should travel another 25km to home. When the scooter reaches home the available SOC would be ~5%-10%. So we would plug the charger at night and remove it in the morning. Almost 2 years the scooter was running in the same manner CHARGE FULL AT HOME, CHARGE AT THE GRID WHILE COMING BACK, AND AGAIN CHARGE FULL AT HOME. Sometimes when the SOC was too low to reach Nature’s basket charger he had to top up somewhere in the middle and this has happened many times. The scooter was not only charging full everyday it was going to 0% atleast twice a week ( one of the main reason to charge it overnight ).

Those were the days the grids would be empty almost all the times. Those were the days where people where not much misusing the grids. I still remember in Whitefield there are 5 charging stations in that 5 of them are also at malls.

Unfortunately 1 grid has been removed recently :confused:. You can also see that at that time almost all the grids are free. So Ather i request you to charge them those who charge at grids. Enough of giving free till now :triumph:. Nowadays whenever i visit to charge at grid either the grid is occupied or it’s not working. My frustration level always goes up while charging at grids. Sometimes i can push the scooter to home but charging at the grid has become impossible.

From past 1 year the scooter’s daily fast charging rate has reduced drastically. I still charge it full at home so that my dad doesn’t need to top up at any grid and he can come back home with the remaining charge itself but my dad still makes it 0% sometimes when he reaches home. ( The battery also has degraded a bit which is affecting the range) He still fast charges only when necessary like once or twice in a month. As i have observed now the scooter fast charges at a rate of 11km for 10min (Eco mode). Charging the scooter and removing after fully charged everything is done by me, my dad never bothers about that he just rides rides and rides the scooter, even buying the subscription plan, washing the scooter, updating the scooter (No major update’s from past 1 year) everything is done by me.

Now everyday the 450 is getting fully charged i.e, 100%. Why do i charge it full because

  1. There is no exact measurement of my dad’s daily distance travel, sometimes he does 70-80km/day and sometimes it would also be less than 40km/day. On a average he travels 60-70km/day. So if the 450 needs to cover 70km/day it should be fully charged.

  2. Sometimes i try to remove it at 97% or 98% but somehow something comes in the middle and by the time i try to unplug it would have been fully charged :sweat_smile:

There’s a weird thing happening after the scooter crossed 45k. The issue is when the scooter goes to 0% it should be charged full if i unplug it in the middle what happens is the SOC goes on increasing by itself.

In the video you can see that SOC is at 17% and I’m unable to change the modes and after that i didn’t charge the scooter and waited for some time, the SOC was increased to 2% in few minutes, i don’t know what was causing the issue or the BMS wasn’t able to handle it properly :man_shrugging: . I didn’t worry much because we don’t ride it at night so plugged in the scooter at night and it was working normal the next day.

Currently the portable charger has been replaced once because some bubble like a thing was formed on the charger due to which it was not charging the 450. The Original charger POD is still looking beautiful with the green lights on and is also charging the scooter no matter it’s rain or shine :zap:

This 3 pin plug has been replaced once.


Wait my first question and every other person’s question was How is it serviced, does it really needs service?

First 6 Services was very quick as i already mentioned in less than 3 months the scooter was visiting for general service. There was no major issues while giving for general service just general check up of break pads, belts, fans, etc… if anything would have to be replaced they would replace and give it back in a day or two. After that we just whheeeeeeeeeeeeeee it again for another 5000km and give it to service. One issue so many owners mentioned was the squeezing sound coming while applying brakes, that’s completely normal we have changed the brake pads so many times but the sound never went, actually in low speeds, for example when my dad comes near to the house my dad starts using the brakes and i hear the squeezing sound and i would get to know that my dad’s coming :wink:. ( Do not tell this to any dad who’s owning a Ather because from next time he would use his legs to stop the scooter instead of braking :joy: ) From the start till now we are using the service pro subscription plan.

Also we had to give the scooter to SC for some issues like the C0004 ( i dont remember the name exactly) when this was shown the scooter wasn’t charging but the scooter was charging at grids so my dad charged using the grid for almost 1 week and when he became free he gave it to the SC at morning and they gave back the scooter at evening with the issue completed solved.

Once the dashboard was frozen no matter how much restart i do it was not working. To do shutdown the touch was not working but the scooter was starting, charging and moving but dashboard was frozen so the other day the SC team arrived at our dad’s work place itself and solved the issue in less than a hour. My dad said to me that he was surprised to see that they connected a laptop to a scooter and solved it :exploding_head:.

We never faced any motor related issues like motor overheating or sudden stop of motor while riding.

Tyres:- Both the tyres have been changed 3-4 times i think, sorry this also i dont know since i don’t use the scooter and if i ask my dad his reply would be i think the present tyres have been worn out i need to change them i would be like what did i ask and what are you saying. So i stopped asking. Also my dad doesn’t talk to me much about the scooter he only asks me for the renewal of the subscription plan that’s it and nowadays I also don’t discuss much about the scooter. Tyre puncture’s has also been taken place several times, most of the case it’s rear tyre.

Now coming to 50k service. It was usually picked up and it was almost done like a general service, nothing special or the SC team could have checked something specifically i don’t know but when they the SC guy called he said that the rear suspension has lost it’s life so it needs to be replaced and it costs 3000 so my dad said ok replace it so he said no sir its not in stock, it will run another 5000km in the next service it will be changed. My father said them to replace the left side floating panel because it was broken, it actually broke because when there was heavy rain in Bangalore the water was till the footboard while riding and my dad was at 35 - 40 speed which causes the water go through the floating panel forcefully and results in breakage of it.

One floor board panel was also told to replace because it had been so many scratches. To my surprise i think it was a gen 3 panel because the side stand sits fully flush because the panel has been extended a liitle bit and it also has a weird thing at the back.

The cap of the panel had also been fallen off somewhere. If anybody wants to know what’s inside that cap here it is

One more thing i need to mention when we give the scooter to service the ride stat from our home to SC and the ride stat from SC to home will also not be available i don’t know how they do it. When the scooter has been fully serviced and is ready for delivery they fully charge the scooter before delivery, while charging the charging animation doesn’t appear only the percentage goes up, maybe separate incognito mode for SC :man_shrugging:

When the scooter comes back from SC they would stick a sticker to the key which has our vehicle number. Even if i do some circus and remove that it will still be sticky sticky. Anybody has any idea how to remove it?


Only 1. Which was at a turning, the scooter had a skid and had fallen to the right side, minor damage because it was at 30kmph. The right side 3 panels were also changed. Other than this the scooter has not fallen to the ground even a single time till now.

Experience with the 450

One of the best scooter in scooter’s segment till now. I think other brands like Okinawa or ampere ev these scooter’s if they reach 50k on odo they couldn’t hold up further but Ather WOW!!! what a scooter, still it’s a beauty. When Ather was launched in 2018 it was not just a scooter it was totally different, so many many features in a small scooter that too an EV, touchscreen dashboard, park assist, navigation and there are so manyyy things in the scooter that I’m still learning. Ather changed the perception of the 2 wheeler market at that time :saluting_face:

Now coming to our scooter, after 50k what i feel is every single thing working in the scooter are 99% working perfectly alright.

Dashboard :- The dashboard touch response is very good but it has become yellow and so many bubbles are forming at the edge

Since the dashboard’s touch response is working very well, we never wanted to change the dashboard because it almost costs 10k. So the bubbles are still present in the scooter and we will use the scooter till the screen goes blank with full of bubbles and then replace it.

Washing:- I’m so familiar with washing the Ather. Even if anyone wakes me up at midnight and asks to wash the scooter i know which part must be washed first and which should be last because from 3 years every time i only wash the scooter and i wash 2 Ather’s back to back ( mine and dad’s). If it’s a rainy season i wash it weekly once or else at all the time’s i wash it once in a month or if it gets more dirty frequently, twice in a month. I use a packet shampoo while washing the scooter.

There are so many cuts and edges which leaves mark’s on my hand’s while washing and i wash 2 Ather’s back to back and how much ever i try to wash easily and not make any marks but still i end up getting atleast one mark on my hand.

Since the front mudguard is more in the sportier way and not too much practical, the dirt splashes till the headlight and here again my dad had to be careful but he went on full throttle in ride mode and it had been few minutes they had newly put tar to the road and this is what happened

I somehow tried to wash with paste with maximum force applying and it almost went off.

After washing the scooter as i have observed there will be water still on some parts like mirrors, near the lock of the seat and some more part’s in the Ather.

There will be some minor marks on the scooter which vanishe’s if a toothpaste is used. Power of paste :fire:. For example like this

Atleast once in a month these type of mark’s keep happening to the scooter and i need to be using the toothpaste to clear it

After washing the scooter the next day when i wake up in the morning and come outside and first i see the scooter, it’s been 3 years but still every morning i see the scooter stand in a very stylish way and think What a scooter!!! What a machine!!! What a design!!! :heart_eyes: First 5 minutes i can’t take off my eyes of that white looking beauty :mending_heart:

Suspension:- The front suspension works ultimately well but as i have observed the rear suspension works good only when 2 people are sitting on the scooter or else it bounces back with a thud sound. When there’s weight on the scooter i.e, when 2 people are sitting on the scooter the rear suspension works butter snooth :butter:

App:- First of all the app is receiving all the notifications correctly. After the recent update this is what the app showed me. ( Bluetooth users will understand :joy:)

And what is this :sweat_smile:

My dad doesn’t use the app much the app has been got improved really well from past 3 years. When we first bought the 450 the app looked like this

The 450 is a tech scooter built with so many techs and features but from the day 1 my dad hasn’t used navigation till now so he just rides, rides and rides. In the same case he doesn’t use the app also but still buys the connect subscription ( just to have the ease of connected scooter ) Also my dad never knew about the 4g upgrade when the scooter was given to general service then the SC guy called and told that the scooter network will be upgraded to 4g then my dad said ok and it was upgraded. The navigation screen has a better response after upgrading to 4g.

After 50k the savings tracker would look like this


  1. The mirrors were really a mess if dad had to see the right mirror he should lean a liitle bit to right side (good to see that it’s solved in gen3) and the side stand uffffffff this thing is really hard to park the scooter, it feels like the scooter will fall down but the side stand holds the scooter very well. Especially in parking spaces it’s really a mess to mark it leans too much ( good to see that this was also solved )

  2. Our longest ride and longest ride in 1 day was ~140km. Again i don’t have any details or photos it was 2 years ago. That day the scooter was charged 5 times, 2 times at home, 2 times at the grid and last time was at home after completing the day.

The longest not riding the scooter i.e, shutting down the scooter for long time was maximum 5 days i think. If the scooter was frequently sitting idle than 50k would have not been possible in this time.

  1. When it rains :cloud_with_rain: the whole night and the scooter also will be in the rain and the next morning when i try push it doesn’t move it becomes very hard to push either it should be dryed for atleast 5mins in the sun or it should be driven 1 to 2 km.

  2. The battery degradation at night is almost the same. It consumes 2 to 3% for one night.

  3. Talking about the fans every fans are working perfectly. One is the charger fan and other is the fan near motor, even at morning 6 AM when the cold air will be breezing, the motor fan just needs 2 full throttle in sports mode to kick in and the fan will be running for a second or two even if the scooter comes to halt. It triggers very fast.

  4. There was brake jam many times almost 2-3 times, first time it was fixed in a normal garage and the other 2 times were fixed while giving to general service.

  5. When we use the switches to use park assist it takes time in 450x because of Bluetooth but in 450 it doesn’t even takes a second it feels instant like very fast just a tap of all the 3 switches is enough to engage park assist.

  6. Most used mode is the ride mode, why ride mode because at first there were only 2 modes no eco mode so the least mode was ride mode and also the eco mode doesn’t have that pull when we need it but ride mode is just perfect for city ride, not too high or not too low with a perfect top speed.

Most unused things like Eco mode :sweat_smile:, Incognito mode, Errors section.

  1. Closing of the seat. While taking delivery they say that to close the seat just leave it from the top and from the day we have took delivery the seat has been closed in the same way. So the seat lock part was replaced at 50k service which costed around 300 Rupees.

  2. QUALITY wise everything still working good. One thing i love about the 450 is it’s indicator and horn sound. It’s soooo peace and calm i just keep pressing the horn just to hear it’s sound :smiling_face: but in 450x i don’t even like it a bit :nauseated_face: it sounds worst than an activa so i have turned off the indicator sound but can’t do anything about the horn I’m living with it.

The glass area of the headlight is somewhat looks like little little broken. Should replace if it breaks completely :sweat_smile:

  1. Last but not the least No Buggs. One of the best feature i love about :sweat_smile:

The forum is showing that i have entered more than the maximum characters allowed. So i have split it into 2 post’s. I really didn’t like splitting into 2 post’s, it should be in a single post but i think i have made quite a long review on the forum :sweat_smile:. Even if any moderator can merge this 2 posts please merge it. It will be good in that way.

Now some more important things about the WHITE BEAUTY

Riding experience

From Day 1 till now my dad doesn’t drive it to get the maximum range, he just maxes it out or drives average but never rides slow. Now i had resetted the Trip B to see that how much wh/km my dad will achieve for a 1000km and the number achieved isn’t that bad. The trip getting automatically reset after 1000km is still there i don’t why they didn’t solve it.

I would also love to share some of our recent ride stats



This is 50k ride stat :kissing_heart:

One more thing about the ride stat. I’m still not getting that how did he achieve 92 Top speed in ride mode ( this photo is on the another post in forum )

Whether it’s rain or shine the scooter never stops and keeps running in all whether conditions. I still remember sometimes my dad parks the scooter straight under the sun from 12 to 3 at afternoon and after that rushes again with achieving top speed 90. That sentence what Tarun said while unveiling Gen3 We designed these modes to enjoy the vehicle and my dad is making perfect use of that without any range anxiety. The scooter’s seat will be burning after 3 hours in the sun in that condition he achieves the top speed trying to cover 10km distance in 5 mins that too with almost 150kg weight on the scooter :exploding_head: I’m really surprised that it still didn’t catch fire and giving an unexpected performance till now.

What about regen? My dad never uses the regen not even a single time i have told him so many times but he didn’t get used to it. When i take the scooter i use the regen frequently and it works same as 450x. What i have observed in regen is when we reverse the throttle the color in the dashboard goes up even if the scooter is not speeding up when the regen in engaged the color goes up and comes down

In Ather’s dashboard there will be a head next to your name in the general settings which doesn’t turn around in the 450x but it will be rounding in 450 and also while riding when the time hits 6 in the evening the theme doesn’t change, the scooter needs to come to a halt to go from light mode to dark mode in 450x but in 450 the theme changes while riding. One more thing there are also some missing numbers in the speedometer like 21, 32 etc… i think they didn’t add these number’s to the speedometer while designing it :man_shrugging:


I’m in love with sound. It sounds better than an aircraft. The way it makes the sound whheeeeeeeeeeeeeee just amazing!!! :smiling_face:.

When i ride the 450 i forget about range, i forget about stress, i also forget who I’m and just ride whheeeeeeeeeeeeeee makes me very much calm. Sometimes i say to my dad that i will ride his 450 and my dad will ride my 450x it will also give more range to him. I’m almost fed up with the front issue in my 450x it started from 3k km and still it is not solved first it was some handling issue, then some sound in the front, i visited 2-3 times to SC to make them understand my issue and it was soved at 15k general service now at 17k again some sound has started in the front. FRONT FRONT FRONT i don’t know what’s wrong in the front but i think one day the front part of the scooter will come out it irritates me that much. Also many owners listed about this front sound, i think some component of the 450x is causing all these and one more issue is the rear tyre pressure decreasing, i was glad that i don’t have that issue but from 17k this also has started i checked with 2 to 3 different tyre shops and they say everything is fine but i don’t know what’s causing it, i need to fill air every week. This was also mentioned by many owners. That’s why i ask my dad’s 450, it’s the best with not even a single issue even after running 50k and mine in 17k is struggling with issues already :pensive:


OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a community it has become. I got to know about forum when i bought my 450x before that also i had seen but i couldn’t understand that what is this or how to use it and now it’s been 2 years for me using the forum. Very good platform to communicate about the scooter. My dad never logged in to the forum, once i had logged in using this account and this is him @chandrashekarm2448 Yes!!! This is him, he is the one who is driven the 450 for 50000km :clap:. Forum has become a daily app usage for me like YouTube, Instagram and whatsapp but this is different.

I should thank Forum to letting me know about the scooter, learn more about the scooter, get to know about it, get to know about some wonderful owners, get to know about some wonderful events, be the first to know about something new and most importantly it thought me English so much and how to make others understand your feelings through typing. Also sometimes my dad will be scolding when I’m using forum that how much you use that forum stop seeing that :sweat_smile:.

I will tell him that i have put a review on his 450 in the forum and i hope that he doesn’t see it :sweat_smile:

Now coming to the most important point

Battery health

As you had mentioned there will be no checkup of the battery health. So as per my observations we don’t get the true range in eco mode anymore. So how much is the battery degraded after 50k? That will be most of the questions asked.

At first the range was calculated in Eco mode ( 75km) but now on an average of using 35-40Wh/Km the scooter gives almost 60-65km for a full charge i.e, equivalent to ride mode shown range which is not that bad. So now this is also the main reason my dad uses ride mode because he never takes the range as 75 km anymore, he says that the scooter should be in ride mode and however we ride it should give 65km but while riding you can feel that battery degradation kicking in because the first 5% drops just for 2 km. If my dad is riding with a pillion he calculates the range shown in sports mode.Once i did a ride and achieved this much wh/km

Even after achieving this much projected range the scooter’s true range exactly drops 1km for every 1km i drive in Eco mode so just think how much the battery capacity is degraded :thinking:

We used Fast charging, made the scooter 0% so many times, charging the scooter to 100% daily and keeping the scooter always in sun and rains and still it’s giving the range which is pretty good. So owners just think that if you take care of your scooter without parking it in sun and by doing less fast charging just think that how good the scooter can hold up in future.

Sometimes i just think that the scooter’s battery health doesn’t degrade much by using fast charging and making the battery 0%, as @Suraj_madhu mentioned in a review that a 3 year 50000km 450 and 3 year 20000km 450 is the same because the battery mainly degrades by time and charging cycles. If it was charging cycles then the battery should have been degraded a lot but i don’t know it’s just one of my thinking.

Also i heard that the Gen3 has 20% better thermal management. If a 3 year 450 is holding up so good then think that your new Gen3 having 20% better thermals can hold up even more good. So forget about degradation, forget about range just ride for fun and feel your scooter every time you ride and enjoy those modes as Tarun said :slightly_smiling_face:. Even if a Gen3 battery degrade’s after say 5 years you would still get the true range of a 450x.

All talk is about battery battery degradation but what about the motor, The motor is the heart of the scooter which makes the scooter run. After 50000km not much changes in the motor, maybe a liitle bit jerky jerky sounds from the motor while riding which is not annoying obviously but i always thought that what would happen to the motor? What is the motor life? How would it perform in the end? But our 450’s motor is still giving the same performance with great confidence to push the scooter. So i don’t think anything will happen to the motor for another 50k.

I also hope that the scooter will run another 50k like this only with no major issues :100:

If i have missed adding any points please let me know i will add it :blush: and as much as i know this is the first 50k review in an Ather forum i think, so only i made it this long and tried to add almost all points.

From now on there will be so many many owners achieving 50000km and almost many owners have crossed more than 50k and i would also love to know the highest odo in an Ather now.

That’s it people i almost tried to keep all the points in order but i don’t know how much it’s gonna be in order. If you have come this far reading than i hope everything was interesting and nothing was boring.

I’m really sorry now i thought to take some good photos of the scooter at some good place and post it here but it’s raining outside and not in a situation to take photos :pensive:


This is how the dashboard looks when the theme is changing from light mode to dark mode

The one with the key punch is the new key we are using ( Duplicate key ) the other one ( Original key ) is not usable because it needs a lot of struggle to lock and unlock the scooter.

I have a photo which i had captured recently

This is how the 450 looks when a 450x brake light is turned on

Oh Yes!! This is Gen 1 450 which is 3 years old i forgot to mention :sweat_smile:

This is the current odo of our scooter. It crossed 500km by the time i created this post :sweat_smile:

Hat’s off to my dad for completing 50k that too in an EV :saluting_face:


Wow man! I read the post to be longer but didn’t knew it is this long, and i went through it.

Hats off for your patience in writing and sharing it here. This gives us a confidence on the long term usage of the scooter. :star_struck:

I took mine on 7th Sept 2022, so this gives much more clarifications. Congratulations to both you and your dad! :tada::partying_face:


Thank you for adding this very detailed review and small things you noticed when a scooter rides for this long a distance. The hardware still is unmatched by any other scooter, and the signature Wheee sound still makes it exciting to ride.


I thought I was the only one :joy:

Eco mode’s range is calculated at 30wh/km. So you getting 60-65kms at 35-40 wh/km efficiency seems normal.

Thank you for sharing your in depth experience with us. Congratulations! on completing 50k. Enjoy the ride.:tada:


Congrats !!!

A 50k (word) review for 50k ride is apt. Both requires endurance and patience.

In my home town, I have seen lot of people using their two-wheelers for 40-50 km one-way ride to office, college. It was mostly traffic free roads. But doing that in a city is very rare and stressful. Your father looks to have enjoyed his rides otherwise he could not have done this consistently for such a long time. He needs a Kudos and some rest :slight_smile:

Ather should test such long running customer vehicles, which may help their study on the battery and motor health.

Again, a reminder to Ather get us a way to know Battery Health :slight_smile:


This is,

This now

I personally didn’t love it but we had no choice the front shroud had become worse, so had to change it. Atleast Ather could have manufactured the white shroud for the 450’s. It gives the classic look and was a perfect match to say WHITE BEAUTY.

However past 1 week the degradation at night has increased. Dont know due to cold or something but it has decreased 6% for 12 hours


Look ma no hands :grin:


Now we have 3 :star_struck:

EDIT:- Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3


Warpther :sweat_smile::fire:


That’s very detailed :+1:

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How abput

Gen 2 Gen 2.1 Gen 3 Gen 3.1

There are too many GEN’s now. Im actually getting confused which one is mine after reading your post :sweat_smile:

Also back in the 450x and 450 Plus and performance pack day, I could detail out each feature and stuff. Now the confusion of model, gen, pro pack, connect pack is too much.


You and me has OG Gen 2s :rofl:

Even mine :face_holding_back_tears: