Asking for post dated cheque

I was about to take delivery on Saturday. But now they are asking for a post dated cheque equivalent of FAME Subsidy! I was never informed about same before payment. I feel this is totally unjustified to pass on the information at the last moment .

Kochi, right? Fame subsidy needs perm reg number. There was a change in RTO norms stating perm reg will be done by the dealer, but it did not get implemented till date. (Caused 2 weeks delay for us and still extra work)

So we have to do the perm reg and give that to the dealer within 30 days to claim the subsidy. Otherwise we owe them 29k. So the cheque is a guarantee that we will do it.

Now that the ball is in our hand, we need to get the RTO work done and pass the reg no ASAP.

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Yes, it is another headache to deal with.

Yes. One of the “perks” of being an early adopter. I’d say this is why Series 1 means more. Anyways I had expected for the worse, right from the beginning , Also, RTOs here are 2 generations behind in helpful tech.