Arif33613's Review of the Ather 450

received my ride last Saturday and currently enjoying the it, have tested it with few enthusiastic friends and here are some experiences, please share if you have similar thoughts:

  1. The vehicle is futuristic in all sense, the looks, pickup and the sound(yes it is not noiseless). You easily see heads turn when you zoom past them.

  2. The vehicle easily climbs the flyover with pillion rider(i tested with two, just to prove few uncles wrong in my area).

  3. I have driven at a top speed of 91 kmph with pillion rider (thanks to close proximity to airport highway).

  4. Have driven off road near village(near jakkur), ride comfort is great as i could easily manage bumpy potholes and railways crossing. (we were three of us testing the suspensions).

  5. We took the vehicle to the extent that we just had 10% battery left but manged to reach home with 1% left. (new discovery the ride mode and the max speed gets locked during this 10% battery).

  6. I use the vehicle for my daily commute to office which is approx 12 km one side. I am getting an average of 45 km on 100% charge.(i was told its because of my ride style of 60 kmph average). Not sure if i was expecting too much from the vehicle, as i bought a premium product.

  7. The vehicle does make the vibration on higher speeds when more power is consumed, you could feel that below your feet.

  8. The range anxiety is still there, as 450 does not include charging cable which can be used anywhere be it office or the friends home. I have to plan my travel if i am off route from home to office and see if any Ather grid is on the route.


Thank you for sharing your first review. What was your ID?

Did you try ‘reverse mode’? what was the maximum speed?
Could you drive forward during this mode?

reverse mode i could drive at max 3 kmph front and back.

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