Appreciation Post for ather team

Hey @ather @tarun @abhishek.balaji it has been 7 months with my ather just thought of creating this post with my experience everywhere i go everyone ask me only three questions how much does it cost and where is it available/ showroom and how much speed does it go considering that very few have/know about ather at rural area of my city, people seem to be shocked when know that theres also a reverse gear in a 2 wheeler :joy: At first it took a lot of convincing for my family for an ev 2 wheeler considering that i had chosen the company online .but it now feels the right decision now after weighing in the cost of maintenance and petrol At a time now when petrol prices are all time high and demand for EVs have gone up every available ev 2 wheelers companies have either stopped taking new bookings or are delaying deliveries of their product so hats off for team ather for ramping up production in time and sticking to delivery timelines As a startup there are very few issues that need to be addressed but i think they’ll be sorted out soon In my opinion i surely feel that ather is the indian tesla of electric 2 wheeler market as there are too many similarities between them :joy: In a first for me i still haven’t got any feedback call from other companies yet except for ather which calls every 6 months for feedback/issues from the vehicle faced which i think is too good Great work though keep it up