App-Sync issues

Facing same issue for new Ather. App and Ather not getting synced. @abhishek.balaji please help us fix the issue.

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@abhishek.balaji please let’s know the steps for solving this issue!

Hey Jaganmayi, can you check if your Order ID is marked as “delivered” in your Ather account?

@kundannadkarni @kiran Can you do the same as well? It takes your order status to be marked as “delivered” for the ride stats to start being recorded. If not, contact the EC you bought your scooter from, and ask them to mark as “delivered”. Let us know if this works.

It’s says no orders found on my account!

Can you check which email ID is associated with the order placed for your scooter? You will have to have the same email ID for your Ather account too.

I have used the same Email Id for the Ather Account too.

Try opening and logging in with your info, and see if the vehicle is marked as delivered. if not then contact the dealership to ask them to mark it as delivered. this will enable the app for your scooter

Issue has been resolved. It was due to incorrect email id registered during booking. Requested the support team to update the email id and app got synced @kundannadkarni

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In my case it was the same thing so I raised the issue regarding the email at the showroom from where I have bought on 17th March. Till now nothing got updated it’s still the same case with me! I have received the message regarding thanks for contacting from Ather customer Service but no response on the app till now! @abhishek.balaji

There seems to be a bug with the sync issue. The details are updating only once a day (that too after 24 hrs). Sometimes, location data seems missing of one of the rides.