App-Sync issues

Hey folks,

A few of you have reported issues with the scooter syncing with the app. We’ve identified a network configuration issue that’s causing this and are working with our network partners to fix it. Rebooting the scooter by pressing both brakes and the start switch simultaneously for a few seconds until the display goes blank will resolve the issue, but only temporarily.

We’ll be rolling out a patch update over the coming weeks to fix this on priority.


Me be like

Translation - Now only finding this issue :sweat_smile:


Great news :slight_smile:

Am facing this issue past 2 months.


Hey @abhishek.balaji I’m also facing issues with Bluetooth connectivity along with network error is this also in the bug or something else


Bluetooth’s not working too.


@abhishek.balaji the issue with the sync has been solved partly but there’s a new issue as no data in logs


Yes it started from yesterday

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I am also having the same issue. In addition to this my maps don’t work on the scooter. I am also facing network issue too on the scooter most of the time the network bar on the scooter is crossed out. @abhishek.balaji sir can you please help

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Yeah same issue here. No data is shown on trip details

@abhishek.balaji Not sure if it is related. Many a times, I am not able to click on the Home & Work buttons on the Dashboard Map to start navigation. Gives me an error that first set your Home /Work on the Ather App. I have that setup already.

I also have App Sync which is mentioned above as well as Bluetooth connectivity (my pairing disappears from the App frequently and occasionally comes back for a short time)

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I am also facing same issu


Having same issue along with the bluetooth conectivity issue

Had the same issue the app gave me an error that first set your Work on the Ather App. I have that setup already, I had to search the location and then use it

So after last update (That made Eco smart mode live), I am seeing that GPS signal in my Ather device keeps on fluctuating, i.e. some days its working fine and some days it greys out (meaning it has no signal and no app sync work as well), After few restarts its back or I need to reset the dashboard. I am assuming its not a signal issue as I park my vehicle in same place everyday. Anyone else facing this issue or have some solution other than reseting dashboard every time? Is this issue still present


Facing issues with the network. The signal bars are not showing up. It’s all grayee and striked out.

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Same issue from past 3days

I took delivery of my 450x 3 days ago, but the app doesn’t recognize my scooter. I get an error in the app saying “No Scooter Associated”.

Also, my name doesn’t get displayed on the scooter and I can’t connect my phone to it. The service engineers are also baffled. We opened a ticket with Ather, but that was closed without any comments or resolution. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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Did your issue got resolved? If yes please let me know how to resolve this. Facing similar issue from 3 days since my delivery now.