App Release 7.0.0

Hey @everyone, the app update 7.0.0 is out now!

There are a bunch of exciting new things to try out on the app like:

WhatsApp Location Sharing:

You can now share any location with your scooter via the Ather App and take your ride to new places!

All you have to do is long press the location > tap on share > Go under suggested apps, tap on the Ather App. Now you will be redirected to the app and then tap on ‘Send to scooter’.

Maps on Home Screen:

Find your way with ease! Navigate in just a click, find a nearby charger or find your scooter right from the home screen on the Ather App.

Periodic Service Reminders:

Get notified for your upcoming service appointments and keep your scooter in top shape! The notification pops up as soon as you open the Ather App.

Service Center Locator:

Locate service centers nearby or across India!

Tap on the service icon on the home screen > tap on ‘Vehicle Service and Maintenance’. Once you tap that, all the service centers around you will appear with their contact number and directions. Choose whichever service center is closest to you!

Feedback on Charging Stations:

We value your experience at our public charging points! Now it’s easy to provide feedback about your charging experience. Right after you’re done charging, a feedback window will pop up. Never miss on sharing your feedback for the entire community’s benefit.

Try out these new features on the Ather App and let us know which feature you’ll be using the most!


I didn’t get the feedback option after charging at the Ather Grid (maybe due to some glitch).

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Well, just tested the location sharing from WhatsApp. Good one. Took sometime to understand. It goes this way: I have received location from someone on my WhatsApp. Just tap on it and choose Ather mobile. And send the location to scooter. And then, ride to tha5 location. That’s it😅


Good News!

However, is there any issue with ride stats sync issue with new version of the app? Or recent updates? A lot of us are facing the issue where the ride stats isn’t getting updated or the ride duration is showing cumulative time duration of multiple rides. Like below


I’m not getting ride stats at all.

Great, another version and alot of bugs with it

I mean, Bangalore traffic is bad but not THIS bad xD. Oh and stats from the last 2 days are yet to show up.

How do I change the name of my scooter? In some of the screenshots I can see that the scooter is called ‘Scooty’

Charging animation is missing while scooter is being charged all though it is updating the charged percentage. An indication of charging would help nonetheless.

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