App permissions

I have been trying to pair my new phone on the Ather 450X dashboard without success for the last 3 days. I did not understand why the dashboard bluetooth was not pairing till I went through the forum postings. Somewhere down the postings, I found that the Ather app need permissions granted before the it is recognized. I had to grant those permissions manually and then the bluetooth connectivity (pairing) occurred. Normally most of the android apps during installation flag off the requisite permissions before initializing the app for work, in the case of Ather app this feature is missing. I hope the future updates of the software will attend to these issues and make the things easier for users.


uninstall the App on your phone, and click on forget device on your mobile and then install and connect it will work. In addition, go the App permission in setting and give all the permission to the app such as call, phone, contact, location etc. I had similar issue this fixed my issue. now everything connect and all function works,

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