Apex delivery experience

1877 days 29605.1 kms later, I bid goodbye to my OG #207 Ather 450

Took delivery of an Ather 450 Apex Yesterday, 21st April 2024 under the upgrade program.

It was the most pathetic sales and delivery experience. Probably the worst of the many vehicles I’ve purchased so far. All the excitement of getting a new vehicle was killed by people right from the booking till delivery. Absolutely hopeless!

I just want to forget it an look forward to a hasslefree ownership experience like the 450.

Will pen a ownership review soon with more details.


Now a Days Sales and Service became Pathetic in Many ECs and SCs Bro

Donno Why They are not Focus on Quality Sales and Service like Before :unamused:


Gone are day’s when we got awesome booking experience now it’s like buying groceries from big market chain with 3rd party dealer’s.


So sorry to read this Hemanth. You being ‘Early Adopters’, seen the great customer care in the early days. Gone are the days ! Anyway, wish you safe riding.


I concur with the overall sales and delivery experience - but that’s for a different topic/thread.

Coming from the 1st gen, the Warp+ on the Apex is super addictive. MagicTwist is my GO TO braking mechanism and the brake levers are for emergency use only!

I was also surprised that my new full face helmet fit perfectly inside the underseat storage while it just wouldn’t in the old 450. However I do miss the small cubby holes as they were perfect to tuck away a cleaning rag and rain jacket.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying my last 2 weeks of Apex ownership!


it felt bizarre at first for me, but it looks like one has to give it some time

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After the above mentioned delivery experience, I had received a feedback link and I had rated accordingly. I received a few calls from Ather. One Mr. Pradeesh who heads the customer experience called me and listened to my experience. I gave him a detailed feedback (probably it was a 30minute call). He apologized that this is not what they want their customers to experience.

My main issues during delivery were:

  • Delivery date not communicated even after more than 2 weeks of vehicle registration!

  • I had requested vehicle at full charge at the time of delivery as I had no means to charge the scooter immediately after the old Gen1 charger was removed. It was agreed and confirmed too but the scooter was delivered at 50% only.

  • I had requested that the Throttle grip and mat accessory be installed during delivery. Although it was promised, neither was it installed nor was it available. I was told to visit a service centre later on!

  • I had told the sales person that I want the Charger mount accessory. It was promised to be given with the vehicle during delivery. But shockingly, I was told during delivery that I can order it online ONLY and they don’t have it. If this was informed I’d have ordered and even got it installed.

  • Vehicle was dirty and mirrors were ill fitted. Basic expectations from a new vehicle delivery!

He told he’s noted all my feedback and he’d ensure that such an experience is not repeated.

Immediately after delivery, I had ordered a charger wall mount online. He took the order number and told he’ll ensure quick delivery. The next day it was delivered and then he sent a person to my home to install the throttle grip, mats and charger mount…all FOC. Along with that they sent a sorry note with a pack of sweets and a bouquet of flowers

All that was promised to me during delivery was fulfilled without me having to visit a service centre again and the issues were resolved satisfactorily. Although it would’ve been nice if they didn’t have to do it after I posted here and gave a clear negative feedback, I hope they address these things and make sure future customers have a better experience.

As far as the scooter is concerned, I’m just loving it.

  • The scooter is really colorful and my friends call it a Rainbow scooter! Although I didn’t like it fully either in the beginning, I think it kind of grows on you. In fact this is my first “colour” vehicle per se. All others have been black or white/silver!

  • The Magic twist is one amazing feature. It takes a bit to get used to but after that, the brakes are made to look redundant in cities. Still getting a hang of it.

  • The Whiplash of the Warp+ is very addictive!

  • Much lighter than my Gen1 and more nimble.

  • The scooter leans less than the old one but Let’s see after an year or so.

  • The new mirrors are good in terms of visibility but very bad in terms of fitment. Everytime i try to adjust it, it becomes loose. Once the right side mirror almost fell off and once the left side. I’ve now kept an allen key and the first thing we do in the morning is tighten it. I really miss my Gen1 mirrors.

  • The touch screen is very laggy especially when it comes to activatin and switching off the park assist/reverse mode. I use the button combo method and my wife was using the touch screen. Now she is getting used to the dedicated reverse button (I find it redundant because of button combo)

  • Bluetooth pairing to the phone is a hit or miss. Paired once on the second day but didn’t display any call notifications. Later it’s not paired again!

Will spend more time and note my observations

S340 frame vs Apex frame!


Obviously, one of incidents because you used to be a mod?


You still feel so!

Anyway, FYI it’s been 7 months since I’ve given up my moderator role and become a regular member of the forum just like you!

Now you can even say that the bad delivery experience was because I’m no more a mod!

Mod or no mod, at least I don’t see any difference. You’re free to have your opinions.


Even if you gave up the mod status, I am pretty sure you didn’t loose the connection and the close circle with acces to inside of the company.

fyi, I had an accidental insurance claim, which SC messed up with billing, & I had to pay 4000/- INR out of pocket. When I asked for correct bill, they said they can’t provide it because the prices of parts are changed.

After fighting for months they magically able to create an correct invoice in 15min, when I decided to go to consumer court.

But then it was too late and insurance company denied to accept the correct bill because I was out of the time frame allowed.

So I strongly believe it is because if you used to be a mod and the close connection not anything else.


I’m happy for you that you have at least received response for your feedback.

I’ve taken my Apex delivery on 13-Apr-2024 with exchanging my Ather 450 (OG#659) and delivery experience was as bad as yours. Ather delivered the vehicle after 2 weeks of registration and with 34% battery charging. My new vehicle journey started with range anxiety from the very first day.

I have submitted the feedback with complete details yet I haven’t even received the acknowledgement from support team.