Anyone else facing tyre pressure issues?

I am facing an issue by which the pressure on the rear tyre falls much more than I expect. I fill it up to around 36 psi and a week later, when I check, it is around 19 psi. I asked the petrol bump “blow” guy to check the pin, he said it was fine.

I wanted to take it to a proper tyre shop, but prior to that wanted to check if this is a common problem?

Did you check for a puncture? as per Ather, ideal tyre pressure needs to be as follows:

Single rider: Rear 28 PSI Front 30 PSI With pillion: Rear 30 PSI Front 30 PSI

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In my scooter, After 1 week it will downs 6 psi

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It’s the only exact same for me too. Dropped by 10-20 PSI but I got it checked. No puncture, just the normal loss. Does anyone know of a cheap TPMS for the ather 450?

Common problem. Changing tyre valves solved the issue for me. Changing tyres has solved the issue for others. If you search in the forum and you’ll find the same discussion previously too…you can get more details there.

Looks like you’re already getting reasons to upgrade to 450X :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t used it personally but this TPMS has good reviews on Amazon. It says made in India too!


We shared some information about this in the owners meet, but just updating here as well:

Some of you have reported that you see a significant drop in the tyre pressure even when the vehicle is left idle for a couple of days. We took up this issue internally, and did extensive testing with internal vehicles and did not find a significant drop in the tyre pressure. Over a range of vehicles in production and test environments, under a variety of test conditions, we observed ~1Psi pressure drop in a week. The drop in tyre pressure of a couple of PSI is normal for all tyres, but it’s likely there’s a micro-puncture or other issues as well.

Nevertheless, if you notice the sudden drop in pressure, we ask that you report this to the customer service team immediately, without filling air, or taking corrective measures. We’ll arrange for your vehicle to be picked up and investigate the issue to gather more information on what the problem could be and fix it from our end.


Seems like price has gone down too and I can see next day delivery! tempted

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@abhishek.balaji did you guys monitor the tyre pressure by riding on rough roads, smooth roads with and without pillion for 20kms and more a day and then check if you see a pressure drop of 7-8 psi in 2-3 days.

I’m guessing just filling to a mark and checking keeping it stationary mimics our situation

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yes I do face this issue. it goes down every 15 days.

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I remember to have read somewhere in the forum that changing the inlet nozzle to a straight one solves the problem.

thank you , will try to do the same

Can you reach out to CS to let them know about this issue? We had posted an update earlier, bumping it up:

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