Any update on Ather Buyback Program?

Bro hold little enthusiasm for ACDC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: buyback is different from upgrade. @moderators need not close this thread and that link is not the solution for this issue.

Small refresher for new owners.

Ather gen 1/1.5 Ather given upgrade option in ACDC 2023 but now gave update on same. Like exchange option give old pay extra and get new scooter.

For Ather gen 2 450x when they unveiled in 2020 and when series 1 sold in 2021 they gave assured buyback scheme for every purchase after 3 years they will buy at ₹85000 maximum And till now no information on that i think that announcement might follow. Give old scooter get cash not other commitments to buy another scooter.


Thanks for the info :smile:, was not aware Gen 2 was also part of the buyback program.


Upgrade Program and Buy Back Program are Two Different Things Bro.

Upgrade Program was announced on ACDC '23 Where Buy Back Program was their Selling Point for Gen 2 Sales :zap:

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Finally I got a call from the “Buyback Team”. I shall list out the process.

First, they will share a questionnaire that should be filled and then wait for a call from them. This took about 15-25 days where I lost hope again that it would never happen. Got a call from Ather to visit Ather’s JP Nagar Experience Center for Vehicle’s Valuation. So the Max Buyback amount is 85k and based on the vehicle condition and regular service history should give around 80-85k.

Planning to go for Apex and the price quoted was 1,96,964/- on road. There are some freebies given where a Hand Painted helmet that matches Apex’s color, Balaclava, iron-on patch, Keychain, and a kit.

Note: This amount can only be used for a new vehicle purchase and that amount would be adjusted with the onroad price of the variant you choose.


How much was offered to you? I’m From Hyderabad waiting for it.


Buy back is only for Bangalore and Chennai I think that to for Gen 1/1.5 customers. If you are waiting for Gen2 buy back it will take longer.


Gen 1 and 1.5 got Upgrade Program. Its different from Buy Back.

Gen 2 is getting Buy Back. Buy Back was selling point in 2021 (Gen 2 Era)


Mine is a Gen 2, 450x model and I was offered 82k the only deduction was for tyres and again it all depends on how well the vehicle is Maintained and without any history of ACCIDENTS. But as I had to head out of station, I couldn’t visit them and hand over the vehicle. They had mentioned that this valuation is valid only for the next 5 days or so… And they told me that it would atleast take another 15 days for the buyback money to be processed. I have handed over the vehicle yesterday and they said it has to be re-evaluated and would update me in a day… So waiting…

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Mine is a Gen 2, 450x model…

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Oh I taught they have not started buyback for Gen2. Good to know then because even I have filled out buyback form let’s see what happens.



“The Great Indian Ather BUYBACK SCAM”

After multiple calls,emails and posts in this forum reminding them about Ather’s TRAP of Buyback, they have SCAMMED US…

The latest update by Ather team from JP Nagar is “Revised Checklist” and based on this they have reduced my original quote from 83,000 to 77,950

This is a 2 part SCAM from our beloved Ather.

In part 1 - They delay our visit to the showroom for Vehicle inspection and Valuation as March year end financial approvals would delay and processing the buyback amount would take 15 days and April happens, a perfect month to fool us. And with an All New & Revised Checklist for Buyback Valuation, they have reduced 7050 instead of 3000 based on their old Valuation Checklist.

Part 2 - “PRICE HIKE” All Ather variants undergo a hike. So for Apex price that I was quoted was 1,96,964 On Road. Now the latest price is 2,03,143, a hike of 6,179.

So my actual price difference for an Apex upgrade was 1,14,964 but NOW I have to shell out 1,25,193 an EXCESS of 10,229. All this happened within 7 days.

The best part was the employees who had contacted me were mum about the Price hike and Revision of Buyback Valuation process. They never gave hint, but vaguely told me about new price for Apex after March…

Now planning my next step to deal with these Scamsters… The final options Legal through a Consumer rights and Forum…


What about the buyback program at Hyderabad location?

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They haven’t announced officially whether buyback started or not. But have seen some people send emails and proceeding for buyback. But they are only providing discount in new Ather instead of cash for scooter. But buyback means they have to give cash or option to user if they want to buy latest model or get cash for scooter. If they want to give only exchange option why they mislead people 3 years ago by saying assured buyback they should have mentioned assured future exchange or future upgrade.


Ather Buyback Program Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the Ather Buyback Program (“Program”). These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the buyback of Ather 450X Electric Scooter and Ather 450 Plus Electric Scooters (“Vehicle”) sold by Ather Energy Private Limited, having its registered office at 3rd Floor, Tower D, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka—560029 (“Ather”).

Eligibility Terms

  1. Program can be availed after 30 months and before 36 months from date of invoice towards full payment in respect of the Vehicle.
  2. Vehicle should not have travelled more than 30,000 km.
  3. Vehicle should have been maintained as per service schedule and maintenance instructions prescribed by Ather from time to time.
  4. Only the first owner of the Vehicle can avail the Program.
  5. Vehicle should not have been used for commercial/off-roading/racing purposes.
  6. Vehicle should have no outstanding loans or hypothecation/charge/pledge.
  7. Vehicle should have all the original documents (RC, Insurance, Invoice etc.) valid and in order.
  8. Vehicle VIN, chassis number, motor serial number should not have been tampered with.

Evaluation Terms

Vehicle will be subject to inspection, testing and evaluation by the technical experts designated by Ather, on the basis of various criteria including the ones stated below, before determining the final buyback price:

  1. Damage to the Vehicle parts or defects arising as a consequence of: i. Minor accidents, collisions, or any objects striking the Vehicle parts; ii. theft or vandalism; iii. improper storage or use of Vehicle other than as normal use; iv. access to or modification of any technology or software incorporated in the Vehicle. v. installation or use of any equipment or accessory not sold or approved by Ather, including without limitation, any charging equipment, accessory or source; vi. use of any consumable including without limitation any oils, fluids, and seals that are not sold or approved by Ather; vii. continued operation of the Vehicle or parts after a warning indicating a mechanical or operational problem; viii. performing illegal activity(ies) using the Vehicle or its parts; ix. Failure to keep the software of the Vehicle up-to-date; x. lifting the Vehicle at the wrong points, or other damage caused by or while transporting the Vehicle or parts by any means; xi. an act of God or environmental factors, including earthquake, war, terrorist attack, exposure to sunlight, airborne chemicals, tree sap, animal or insect droppings, road debris (including stone chips), industrial fallout, rail dust, salt, hail, floods, wind storms, acid rain, fire, water damage, contamination, lightning, animal or rodent related damages, and other environmental conditions; xii. exposing the battery to direct flame or flooding of the battery; xiii. overloading Vehicle beyond the limits prescribed in the user manual; xiv. failure to charge the battery for prolonged periods; xv. insufficient ventilation/choking/insulation of heat dissipating components arising due to negligence or non-compliance with maintenance requirements under the user manual; and xvi. failure to report any defects in any warranted parts to Ather within reasonable time resulting in additional costs or additional damages to any other warranted parts;
  2. In case Vehicle or its parts have been assembled, disassembled, serviced, repaired or modified by any person, in any manner, or using parts or tool not authorized by Ather;
  3. Any damage or defect in parts subject to normal wear and tear including but not limited to brake pads, seals, bushes, and all and consumables including but not limited to oil and fluids;
  4. Discoloration or tint in the color, change in surface luster of the painted, glass, plastic & rubber components of warranted parts, damage caused due to polished aluminum items, or trim deterioration not caused by normal wear and tear;
  5. Vehicle should not have any cases from or dues to any governmental authorities/bodies.
  6. Vehicle should have no pending accidental or insurance claims.


  1. All accessories provided at the time of purchase of Vehicle should be returned.
  2. Vehicle should be returned in the city where delivery was taken and at Ather designated location. In case Vehicle is returned in a different city, it should be at a serviceable city by Ather and the Vehicle need to have the registration transferred to that state, if different from the original state of purchase.
  3. All Vehicle related documents (insurance, RC etc.) should be submitted.
  4. Parties shall enter into a definitive agreement to formalize the Buyback.
  5. In case owner does not wish to sell Vehicle at the buyback price determined by Ather, owner shall take back Vehicle forthwith or in any case within 24 hours. Ather shall not be liable for any loss, damage or any other claim by customer with respect to Vehicle.

Other Terms

  1. Program is available in a city/State only if it is permitted as per local applicable laws and rules.
  2. Program is for a limited period till stocks last or otherwise withdrawn by Ather at its sole discretion.
  3. Program cannot be clubbed with any other program/offer.
  4. Buyback price determined by Ather upon evaluation of Vehicle shall be final and binding.
  5. Ather, at its sole discretion, can modify, alter and/or cancel this Program, without assigning any reason and with no cost and/or liability whatsoever.
  6. Any interpretation of the Terms under the Program shall be made by Ather and be binding.
  7. Program shall be subject to laws of India and exclusive jurisdictional courts of Bangalore.

Last Updated: 20.10.20



I checked with the team because I have been reviewing the program since it’s started.

We are paying cash wherever people are opting for it and ofc offering an Ather as an option. However, cash payout is totally happening and I will check again if somebody hasn’t mentioned it to you. In fact 2 customers are in the process of getting their buyback processed against cash only.

Unless you are mixing it up with the Gen 1/1.5 upgrade program. Yes, that’s only an option provided (against no original commitment) for our oldest customers to upgrade into a latest generation Ather at a pretty good discount. That’s not being settled against cash, as far as I know.

Will ask somebody to connect with you in case there’s anything we have missed. Since both programs are running in parallel, easy to mix up. Thanks!


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Thanks for the response. I am gen 1.5 owner waiting for upgrade offer valuation of my scooter in Chennai. Please reach out to @vishalverghese he have clearly explained above that he has gen 2 450x

In same thread few other customers have complaints regarding buyback


Can you reply I have messaged you in chat, need help regarding buy back

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Sorry… Out of station… Tell me how can I help?

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I received a call on 4th April by one of Athers’s Senior team member, enquiring my Buyback issues. I explained my concern, and assured that they would offer a favorable solution, but would take time. So just waiting…

There’s been a flurry of responses here and I do understand the predecament of Ather owners who purchased their vehicles during the Promotional Buyback offer. I have listed the steps of initiating the process, if you need any answers regarding this, I will help with the information, as much as I can. Thanks @HarshaVardhan for tagging me in your reply. Hoping Ather to streamline this Buyback process for all the eligible owners.