An update on transmission belts

Ohh yes , 60K kms , but for us old buyers 3yrs with unlimited kms


We also get 3 years unlimited kilometres. It’s just that after 3 years it’s limited to 60k

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Belt is a great mess I have completed my 15k service recently And This is my 3rd belt since i purchased After every 5000 kms Belt get damaged (broken) on middle of nowhere Belt get damaged on regular basis And service station don’t listen for the same They took charge for brake down as well as parts with fitment


Complaint will all bills to Ather raise ticket.


So you mean this applicable to existing owners?

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This post appeared randomly in my Twitter feed. It’s really sad to see someone is getting affected by the greed of a company. @tarun adding the belt under warranty is a welcome move. But at the same time replacing the belts that were released in that batch should be essential.

Seems a bit weird, the Twitter account has no legitimate posting until 2 days ago, when it started spamming on most Ather related tweets with a reply of that alleged accident, with no real proof apart from those pictures. I’d not jump to conclusions unless we know the full story, or rather if it’s even real

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They were going triples in Ather. That’s likely the cause for the fell. My belt has got cut of 2 times. Both time I was in speeds of over 60km. A loud tud noise and I knew the belt got cut. Never I lost balance or fell. I would pull the scooter towards sidewalk and inspect. But new customer don’t know what to do when belt gets cut off.

Maybe it’s time to improve the belt quality even more. Since this is happening far more than expected.

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The sudden loss of power is scary. If you aren’t experienced you are going to fall.

Welp, not as dangerous though I think. Probably similar to battery dying or hitting the kill switch. Yeah definitely a bit scary since it’s surprising but if anything it’s safer than unexpected acceleration or braking. Any semi experienced rider would just coast to the side of the road and then get off to inspect.

In this case clearly only 1 person out of the 3 fell, so the scooter definitely didn’t fall instead probably that one person loosing balance :woman_shrugging: