An update on transmission belts

Very nice kindly intimate to our service manager strictly change the belt @the time of 20K service

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That belt looks like Staircase to heaven :blush:


Since a lot a people are saying that there is a shortage of belts, can we install belts from outside? The belts are probably supplied to Ather by an Industrial Belts vendor and it’s highly unlikely that they would have created a bespoke part. The same belt is probably in use in several other applications. It’s a wear and tear item like tyres or brake pads. If you don’t find the parts in the workshop you buy from outside. Same with the belts. Obviously Ather is not going to like this as they would want you to buy everything from them. We don’t have a problem with that but at least keep sufficient stock in the workshops and keep the prices reasonable.

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The announcement says the Warranty is 20K kms or 3 years. Service Centres in Goa are still saying it’s 10K and they haven’t received any information about 20K. @tarun please get your team to update the Service centres.

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Risky but you can try


Manufacturer name is helicord, it’s written like 17x1200, but not sure.


I have got the number of the secondary belt. Do you know the number of the primary one. I have a fried who’s a dealer for belts. Should be easy to source. My first choice would be to buy from Ather but since it’s mostly out of stock, I wouldn’t want the scooter lying idle. The OEM Manufacturer is Gates. So if you can source belts from Gates, they should be the same quality.

Secondary as the one connects motor with pully?

Yes. Primary is from the motor to the pulley. Secondary is from the pulley to the rear wheel.

Part number of the secondary is: BF0502B009ANN. There are 2 other numbers A3YYT & 2922SS and manufacturer is Gates

Looking for similar details for the Primary Belt.


Looks like there are multiple vendors for this part.

Any idea if Fenner or some other manufacturer has the same belt available in India ???

I’m currently checking on that. I only have the photo of the secondary belt. If someone can provide me a photo of the primary with the markings I can check.

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Kha sa le bhai ge app na

Hi i have purchased the scooter in Aug 21 and was told the warranty is covers the belt till 30k km Now in Aug 23 Tarun announced till 20k.

So I should be eligible for 30km??

Kindly advice

As my belt is cut at 21k

Thanks and regards Mohamed Saalim

30k kms warranty is for the battery, not the belt.

Battery is unlimited km

I’ve never seen Ather offer unlimited warranty on battery. Do you have any document stating the same?

Old Ather gen2 and before we had 3 year unlimited km warranty.


Yes even mine early Gen 3 has the same warranty, 3years unlimited kms , but with the new extended battery warranty they are giving 5yrs or 50K kms , to all new buyers they are getting the scooter with that extended warranty

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Its 5 years or 60K Kms.


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