An Update on Ather Grid Locations in Mumbai Needed

Hi Ather team,

Ather 450X deliveries have been happening in Mumbai for over a week now (I’m still waiting on mine) and it’s good to see some enthusiasts out and about, sharing photos of their flights.

However, there has been no update on the Ather Grid locations in Mumbai for a while. I remember during the event where you announced the Series 1 and its features, I asked a question about what was the typical minimum number of Grid locations you have when you launch in a new city and Ravneet answered that the number they eye is 15. Unfortunately, I see that the only announced location in Mumbai is “Blue Tokai” — I don’t even know which Blue Tokai location exactly.

Even the Ather Grid location map on the Ather website shows 0 Grid Point locations for Mumbai.

@abhishek.balaji Can we at least have a reasonable update on what the current status is, which locations you’re currently dealing with for installations and when do you expect to be up and running with whatever X numbers?


Of course, I’m completely ignoring the fact that Grid charging is being provided free of cost for owners till March 2021, but without any Grid locations, no one in Mumbai is able to actually take advantage of that facility.

We’ve waited for a year for our deliveries since pre-booking the 450X in Jan 2020, so I’m not desperate to head out to a Grid and charge my Ather, but it just feels disappointing to get third-hand experience for Ather fans in Mumbai.

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From my ather app i am able to see these two locations

What @preshit mean to say is. it was said minimum 10 Ather Grid during open house it will be installed before delivery or before End of the year but currently there are only 2 Grid installed.

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We definitely need more grid locations in Mumbai. Don’t want to run out of power while traveling. Ather guys need to speed up the installations. Some how the progress has been very slow in Mumbai. The showroom is not yet opened, the deliveries were very plain. I mean you can atleast click a photo to make it memorable.

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BTW Pune has five grid locations

Mumbai is very slow.

Took delivery of my flight today & I asked them about Grid availability. They told me 1 Point at Blue Tokoi at worli is operational, 2 at EC is now ready. Their next plan is 1 at Versova & 2 at Mulund for now

Slightly deviating from the topic, will we see any grids outside the city limits? Not specifically for people like me who stay outside the city, but in general for folks who wish to go on rides and would need to recharge.

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I’d say that’s several months away. From what I understand, Ather’s looking to businesses to contact them for a tie-up, so unless some major food mall or some major outlet does that, I don’t think we’ll see any Grids outside limit any time soon.