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Can we get details of no. of units consumed from dot, portable charger, grid seperately? Through software upgrade?


Do you any plans of integrating a pillion foot rest as most of our ladies still wear sarees and sit single sided


The bangalore customers spoke about some BMS issue due to shutting down of vehicles above 60% SOC.
Can we shutdown the vehicle on a daily basis?
If yes, then is it OK to shutdown at any SOC?


Yes that’s a very notable point

Hey @HarshaVardhan thanks for the first question of the AMA!

We are working on providing more details regarding charging consumption - you should be able to see some of this information in the future. Currently, you can get quarterly dot/portable charger consumption via your reimbursement report.


Hello Ather team,

Is it possible to replace the Vodafone sim card with any other service provider. In my apartment Vodafone has very poor signal and on 3G network it’s worst.



But currently are you able to differentiate between consumption through DOT and by Portable charger separately?

also is there reimbursement for portable charger specifically?
we all know its available for DOT.


Does our scooter lighter to the ones that were delivered earlier since our scooter does not have Ac DC converter? If so by how much?


Unfortunately our current design doesn’t allow us to have an integrated footrest.We will take this as a feedback for future products.


any alternate solution available then?


It is not possible to change the service provider, unfortunately.


Presently we could see only 10 public charging points deployed in the whole city. We understand ather would certainly working on it to extend further but if it prioritises major stretches like outter ring road, gst road, and certain long stretches it will be very useful.


This is a genetic question on behalf of all chennai owners☺️,

Can I centre stand be provided as an accessory


Yes the scooter is around 8kgs lighter.


Ather Team, I don’t know if y’all have already thought of this but how about installing athergrid points at almost every Metro rail stations in the city, given that both bangalore and Chennai have somewhat neat maintenance and space available?

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Why is it Ather always postponing whether it may a event or it may be customer complaint or in delivering vehicles. Why there is no proper communication from you guys ? As a proud future customer we thought you guys should be on time

Yes, we are able to differentiate between portable charger and Ather Dot.
Reimbursement will be given for charging done by both.

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Currently, we do not have an alternate solution available. As we mentioned earlier we would take this as a feedback for future products.

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  1. Is there any plan to install charging point in Ascendas IT Park, Taramani. I remember that it has been mentioned during the meet.
  2. Also it would be good to add up charging stations in ECR stretch [between Kovalam to Pondicherry] since most of the people prefer riding bike in this stretch.