Almost a 'Century' ride in sport mode through ghats towards Wayanad

Well couldn’t clock the 3 digit as the round trip came upto only 98kms didn’t want to go around the locality to make it a 100 , may be another day !

This is my longest ride on my flight till date , plan was to ride to a view point around 50 kms from my place and the route included 8 kms of ghat section as well with an elevation gain of around 650 metres so was not sure how much the energy consumption would be in that 8 kms

Elevation profile of the route .

Started the ride around 2.45 with 100%charge , reached the base of the ghat with 65% charge left

Plan was to reach the view point and the. Once descending use the regen and also coast whenever possible to save the energy Reached the view point around 5 pm and the charge left was 44% so a total of 24% drop

The ride stat for the climb ,78whr/km was the efficiency!

It was a beautiful day with rain all the way till the view point and it was all foggy at the top

Started the decent after clicking few picks and a tea Reached the base by just coasting and using regen to to slow down the vehicle at curves

By the time i reached the bas there was no drop in charge and it was showing 44%

I have to cover another 38 kms to reach home and the projected range was 34 , but I was pretty sure that I will be able to reach home without any issues even in sports

And then started the return , try to coast during all descents and made sure that I coast whenever I approached a junction or a diversion point I need to take so that I conserved energy and no sudden braking was needed

So finally reached home with 4% to spare :relieved:

The complete ride was in sports mode was able to get a range more than the projected one ie 75kms on a full charge that too with 8 kms of ghats with 650 m gain

Map worked seamlessly for navigation only issue I faced was when in navigation mode we cant see the realtime efficiency that makes it bit difficult to ride sane for noob like me , that’s something Ather should work on in future updates.

The ride stats :


That one photo is from the place which was also there in the Gen 3 unveil event


The first one ? Yeah I think it was in Nandi hills , and ya looks very similar :slightly_smiling_face:

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the one with the tempo traveler after the ride stats

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Yeah this one


How do you read the real time efficiency thing, it turns red no matter how i drive?! How do i understand it, called Ather support and they also don’t know!

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