Allowing scooter to use phone's mobile data

Hey! I’ve noticed that the network connectivity on my 450 isn’t great. Doesn’t load very quickly, but is barely usable. It would be great if the scooter could connect to my phone and thus have Maps and other features load quickly.

That’s not the 4G data speed bro. It’s the hardware (Processor, RAM & storage )

Main thing is processor and ram and i don’t know why they are not increasing it when you are charging 1.5 lakhs than this things you can give it will not cost you alot

I wish they had like atleast a Snapdragon 700 Series Processor coupled with at least 4 GB of RAM.

Ya than it will be like godd display with amoled :sunglasses:

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Lol. Nah. The display given is good.

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Given is good but you always expect better like if you are using Android you want to use iOS :v:

Not possible, since the 450 dashboard doesnt have wifi or Bluetooth. Closing this topic.