Allow document uploads through a web browser

Can’t the documents be uploaded from the web browser?

As far as I know, that doesn’t seem possible, since the scooter can only ‘talk’ to the smartphone app. So for now, we can only seed/upload documents to the scooter via the app. @abhishek.balaji can you confirm this?

Right now uploading documents is only possible on the mobile app. Not sure if web browser makes sense, cos you’d be uploading docs maybe once a year or specifically when one of the docs changes. But feel free to submit a #ather-experience:feature-requests for the same

Also, on your issue, assuming you’ve done the usual debugging steps of restarting your phone, checking for connectivity, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app. That would eliminate any issues on your end. If you’re able to upload and it’s not showing on the scooter, a restart or shutdown of the scooter might solve it. In any case, do report it to CS, we might not be able to resolve the issue for each and everyone initially, but in case an OTA/App update is required to solve this, it’ll help debug faster.

Of course it makes sense @abhishek.balaji . Right now you have a bunch of people who are stuck while you are chasing smartphone compatibility issues.

A web browwser based form is pretty much guaranteed to work on any machine.

If you code for mobile app only and ignore PC, this is what you get.

Here you go, logged it as a feature request. It’ll be considered when the team is working on features in the next few months.

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