Alibaug Mumbai Community Ride

We are having a Alibaug Community Ride at 23th & 24th October 2021


We will be traveling from M2M from Bhaucha Dhakka Mumbai to Mandwa Alibaug & way to Chaitraban Cottage approx 27km.


A super fun ride to Alibaug and back with the Ather Mumbai owners. We had 10 scooters and 12 members who joined us on this ride. A quick run through of our journey :

I drove down to Suba International Grid for a quick topup on my way to get to the M2M ferry point at Bhaucha Dhakka. I met fellow owner @Rammstein at the Suba Grid, while we both charged for a bit.He looked all excited for the trip! :smiley:

Next up, we were joined by @kavink21 and Aishwarya, and we all headed to join the rest of the group at Bhaucha Dhakka.

Got out scooters onto the RoRo, and parked them. It was definitely a head-turner for everyone, as they watched our fleet of Athers enter the huge ship.

We then chilled on the ship, getting to know each other, chatting up and some fun banter. Plenty of pictures once we got off the RoRo

We then headed for Chaitrabhan Cottages, which is 27 km away from the M2M ferry drop at Mandhva ,where we stayed. The hosts there were extremely polite and helpful. They even helped us with points to charge our scooters, using the portable chargers. Highly recommended if in case you wish to stay in Alibaug with your Ather scooter. Very EV friendly location, and amazing hospitality, great food too! Here’s the location : Chaitrabhan Cottages

We rested, enjoyed in the pool had our lunch. And then planned to head to Korlai Fort, which was about 15km ride. By then, all our scooter were charged up to full, and we left. The ride was fun, a little difficult with some tricky roads with gravel but the view was worth it.

We headed back to rest at our cottage, freshened up, had our dinner, followed by some Karaoke sessions and lots of fun! The next morning we had delicious breakfast, and headed back for home. Drove back to the ferry, and our journey almost to an end.

We had a great fun with the entire group, and a memorable trip with fellow Athe owners. Hoping to more such community rides, and more members to this growing family <3


Petrol price increasing and our happiness increasing for this trip saving fuels with 10scooters:


Wow… beautiful pictures :heart::heart:. will surely visit Chitrabhan Cottages…