Alandkar's review of the Ather 450

I received my Ather 450 after long wait on 1st Dec 2019 (booked on 11th Aug 2019). Here is my 500km experience with my Ather 450.


  1. Amazing riding dynamics, I really love the way 450 zip through traffic.
  2. Amazing throttle response especially in Sports mode.
  3. Good suspensions.
  4. Practical boot space to carry enough of daily things.
  5. Ather DOT charger working good with no issues till date.
  6. Documents feature is very handy.
  7. Ather app is good with some minor issues like synchronization of Ride Statistics.


  1. Battery drains faster like 18-20% per night than what Ather has claimed (10%)
  2. There’s noticeable sound at low speed (15 to 25kmph) from floor board recently. Its more like vibration combined with noise. Felt like some-kind of friction.
  3. There’s a noticeable drop in throttle response all modes recently (not sure its due to S/W update 4.1.1)
  4. Looks like the ‘always on’ boot lamp sucks in some of battery juice, not sure this lamp turned off when we close the boot. (They say there are 46 sensors on this bike :man_shrugging:)
  5. Similarly, ‘always on’ front DRL lamp drains some battery and its a useless lamp at night. Definitely headlamp needs a major update.
  6. Build quality do not give you confidence at speed above 75-80kmph when compared to 125cc ICE scooters.
  7. Mirrors are the worst part on this scooter, its really really hard to adjust to the right spot.
  8. Tyre pressure loss is noticeable every 3 to 4 days.
  9. Seat is not at all deigned ergonomically for best seating position. It is really really uncomfortable for long rides and feels like we are sitting on the edge of the seat with very little space.
  10. There’s no button shortcut for using Reverse mode and go back to normal ride mode. At least I am not aware, if you guys know please let me know.
  11. Seriously miss ‘center stand’ feature. I felt need for center stand when parking vehicle for longer-time. Side-stand exposes vehicle for scratches and consumes lot of space. Everyday my office security guy (each day a new guy) tries puts my scooter it on center stand because of space issue. But fails miserably :joy:
  12. Switch gears and plastic surrounding touchscreen is not of a great quality. You can feel the quality when you turn the throttle, the plastic covering throttle moves a bit.
  13. I am not sure the auto brightness feature works or not, I have not noticed any significant change in the brightness in dark and out in sun.
  14. Off lately turn signal and reverse/forward sound is not smooth. Feels like the speaker screws are loose.
  15. It would be great if Ather provides some accessories (off course at some extra price) like floor board sill plates (it avoids paint scratch when using side stand), seat cover, handle bar grips, scooter body cover etc. Its really hard to find the right fit for these in the market right now.
  16. Not sure If Ather 450 scooter gets synced periodically with the mobile app when you park (without shutting down) as there is a SIM card on it and batter mgmt system still running. For me, it always shows me the time when I last parked as last synced time. It could be because of network connectivity. Not sure :man_shrugging:
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Bro you could see the YouTube video regarding Reverse mode. There is a way to enable reverse mode without touching the touch screen.

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I just completed 150 kms. I noticed all the issues you have mentioned here. The vibration on floor board and the belt noise is very annoying. There must be a switch to turn off the head light and use other two lights adjacent to indicator as DRLs.
Hariharan K

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