Airport rides!

So last weekend, I made a short trip to Chennai. Taking advantage of the low flight fares, I decided that this was the testing ground for taking the Ather to the airport, parking for a couple of days and back. Here’s what happened.

  • My flight was early in the morning, so I ended up leaving an hour and a half earlier than I had to, to give me some buffer time.

  • Starting with a full charge from Old Airport Road, the distance is about 43km one way. This meant I had to only drive in Ride mode, at moderate speeds of 40-50kmph

  • I originally planned to make a stop at Torq92, but going by the battery drain, decided against it and drove more carefully. Torq92 is almost midway between Old Airport and the new airport, and hence would have been perfect.

  • I ended up reaching the airport with 28km of range left. I parked at the two-wheeler parking and used the Bike Blazer to cover the vehicle, to prevent any damage and hiding it from curious onlookers. I shut down the vehicle, but didnt have the patience to wait for the sync to happen, so the ride data was lost.

  • Landed this morning and headed straight to the parking. It’s an amazing experience when you dont have to be a slave to the taxis :slight_smile: The Ather was parked as expected and no damages.

  • The parking fee for about 48-72hrs was about Rs. 280! :smiley:

  • My battery had drained about 3km over the weekend, which I expected even in shut down mode. So left with 25km range.

  • I saw the electric charging points for cars, but these had the industrial socket and I had forgotten to carry the adapter. Besides, I didnt want to wait so long at the airport and decided to head out.

  • Nearest fast charger was at Torq92, which was about 28km. With 25km range, I had to drive at around 45kmph to reach with about 1% left.

  • The cafe at Torq92 was open and the scooter was charging as I finished my breakfast. With enough charge to get home, I headed out after around 40 mins.

  • I still had to drive in Ride mode and it seemed a bit dangerous going at such low speeds on the approach roads to the airport. It started raining and I stopped for about 15 mins at Moto Store and Cafe, waiting for the rain to subside.

@AtherTeam it would be super useful to have a fast charging point at the Airport. I agree there would be issues with people leaving their vehicle plugged in, but surely there’s a way out? I would love to repeat this journey when I don’t have much luggage and the economics totally makes sense.

Last time I attempted this with my Vespa, I had to spend about an hour trying to start the vehicle aftter leaving it for 2 days.

My backup plan? Budget the 2k saved in cab rides for Roadside assitance if needed :stuck_out_tongue:


I too want to do airport rides on the Ather but not having a charger at the airport is a crime. Cant ride fast on the way due to this. @Ather.Team @Shreyas … I believe the community will help setup this most significant point in the city, if you are looking into this

Ather has clarified multiple times that they are very keen to get the Ather Grid at the airport, but it can’t happen due to the way contracts are handled at the airport. Current parking + charging contract is given to some company, and it can’t change for another year or two (or perhaps more). If anyone has contacts at the airport, that might help change things.

Ather also mentioned they are looking to tie up with folks like say Decathlon for a Ather Grid point - but there was no timeline to make this happen.

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Yeah and the reva charging points are occupied by ICE cabs. :confused:

It’ll work if they allow electric two wheelers at the charging space.

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Just send message to Airport authorities on social media (Twitter or Instagram) they will respond… I have asked them on Twitter they have asked me to DM my contact details I have sent it to them… Will share it here if they respond…


That i understood last time itself, but what i may not have relayed is ooints near airport. That mcdonalds place is enticing. Why pay so much when u can be near airport at fraction of the cost…

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ya charging station @ airport will be very useful . Ather please place more chargers at Ather grid

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Please share the link to your tweet, we can also RT or make fresh tweets.

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Here you go… :slightly_smiling_face:


Going to the airport tomorrow in the morning, around 6:30, looks like would need to charge at least while coming back, does anybody know if I can use the Point at Torq92 only while the cafe is open or is it open 24 hours a day?



Me n my creta will be near Airport all day (leaving at 7). Tell me if you need support

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Great, thanks!

Today morning also I rode on airport road from Hebbal to airforce base… Didn’t see anyone…

The airport ride was fun, rode with pillion from my home, it was around 41KM, while coming back was alone and had to stop at Torq92 to charge before heading to office[Bagmane Tech Park, Mahadevapura], was left with 8% charge when I reached there. I think if I had gone alone I would have been able to reach office without the need to charge.


Last month I tried upto airport toll. It was nice experience. Wind speed scared me occasionally.
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You need to be a heavy guy…
Like me!
One of the advantages of being fatter than normal!:grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reviving this old thread.

Anyone knows if a charging point is installed in the airport? Its such a cliche not to have one.


Nearest is in Yelahanka, near the Reva University… at Olive Planet