Ather will be in Ahmedabad in 2020. Let’s use this topic for discussions on the same

Just prebooked the 450x. Cant wait to get it:grimacing::grimacing:

I prebooked the 450x Yesterday. I hope it will come as soon as possible .

If any Ahmedabd people want invite code than reply me.

I was wondering if there is any exchange program!!
& also if you need an invite code, let me know.

Provide Invite code for pre-ordering Ather450X for @ahmedabad. Just joined forum

R u get code ?

I want to pre order.how can i get the code

@mdmodh you can use any of this code

Pre Ordered very costly😥 Ather 450X. Very exited for experiencing future. Only Two simple reasons behind my pre order. 1. Early bird for Go Green🌏 2. Support Startup🌱 of young minds of our prestigious IITs’ former students.

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Why Ahmedabad not listed in Confirm city ? It is listed in Upcoming city . Why ?