After-service issues with Ather 450 - Bengaluru

Ather picked up my scooter day before yesterday for a small issue of NO FREE MOVEMENT even when throttle is in zero position! I had a backward drag like feeling (similar to engine braking in ICE scooters) and also abnormal creeking sound of cooling fan!

But to my surprise the vehicle was addressed for the above mentioned issues and dropped back the same day evening (i.e., day before yesterday)

The most annoying part of the service is that the fan noise has gone but the motor sound has become very very loud like anything while moving at about speed of 10-15kmph!

Has anyone faced issues like this? Even when the throttle is in zero position the motor winding sound is heard and is so loud and annoying!

It’s not the whee sound that all of us love! Even when in high speed the motor has become very noisy and tends to make a WHISTLING sound instead of the trademark whee sound…!

Has anyone else faced similar issues!? @Ather.Team kindly provide a solution for the same and make the vehicle as it was on delivery! TIA

@tarun sorry to bother you but these types of issues are not expected after getting the vehicle addressed for certain known issues! Have you heard of getting new issues after addressing old ones?

No one from the service team got back to me after service explaining or briefing about what was done at service!? This is not expected @abhishek.balaji

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This is really strange. Hope you have logged follow up log on this issue with Customer Service.

In my understanding, when the throttle position is zero there are no moving parts. Not sure where the sound is coming from.

same here sir @rajeshkav I’m not able to understand what’s wrong! Is there any means on forum by which I can post a recorded sound of the same? TIA


You may host the sound anywhere (say google drive, youtube) and share the link.

Hey @dr.rakshithgt,

Checked with the team again on your case, and I understand that the service team has resolved your issues. Do feel free to reach out to them if you have any more issues.

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Hi, probably please update the reason and the fix done to solve the issue for the benefit of the crowd.

Service is not good, I had reported that throttle was applied in opposite direction with effort it started accelerating. Issue was not resolved even after service. The customer care was trying to convince me that there was no issue everything is fine. Without the resolution and not wasting time again on these guys I’m learning to live with it.

This when being physically present to show them the issue not accept delivery until issue is rectified seems like a good thing. Door step service is like giving a free job card where they just wash and say everything is resolved

Not sure I understand this completely. You were trying to use the throttle in the opposite direction from standstill?

Same issue here, ather picked up the vehicle & delivered it back just before lockdown started in Bangalore. It’s been 5 months & vehicle has gone for repair 4 times and still it has issues. Ather is upcoming vehicle but the customer care & service center is dragging the brand to gutters. I have to literally bitch on Twitter for them to address issues from last two months.

After last service the bike has started whistling & sound is increased & I thought it was because of Weather & sim is dead for 25 days.

Hope ather fixes the issues or I would be forced to sell the vehicle.

I noticed this issue when using regen breaking by twisted throttle on opposite side. Instead of slowing it used to accelerate for a short time.

I was also able to recreate this at standstill. Reverse throttle made the scooter move forward for a short time.

After the service when I told the SA it was not rectified, we was adamant that there was no issue.

U have cross checked with other ather 450 scooters ? Check with friends 450 or try direct, from showroom test drive 450 scooters …

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