Adrine's 450x review and logs

This is an overall review of my experience with my Ather 450x.

The Wait

The wait period was painful (thanks to Covid-19). I was expecting delays because it happens even an experienced dealer to pitch a product in new grounds. Kochi was no different. New brand, new concept, new EC (not a showroom), new RTO rules, new normal, you name it, everything except for two wheels running over a handlebar was new.

The wait was a painful 460 days after pre-bookng, not counting the drooling :drooling_face: since early 2017. New owners are lucky to get them in 2-3 weeks. I say the wait is worth it! Hang tight for your reward.

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Test drives

I have already posted two test drive reviews on the Kochi pages, but elaborating on these here. I still stick to the fact that unless you sit on the 450x and twist the throttle, you have never experienced it.

The first test drive was on the bumpy and narrow service road along the EC. Warp mode could not be fully tested because of these conditions. But other factors like riding, suspension, etc was very much acceptable. Enough space to take in my little family.

The second test drive was the one that made me scream for dear life! Le Wife did Maximum Warp for the first time with me on the pillion seat, and I instantly regretted saying “Engage!”. No need to go to VeegaLand anymore, unless I have to take a bath.

The third test drive was a solo amongst Vytilla traffic. I made all wrong turns and ended up in traffic signals. But it was another experience on how much things change when riding an EV. I have a habit of turning ICE engines off if the stop is >10s; No more of that. Easily poke into gaps, get ahead of blocking vehicles, take a reverse when that goods rickshaw needs more space to turn, get far ahead of honkers and smokes, the list was long, for just one ride.


  • Mirrors are very limited, just like for RE. You cannot see the whole picture and always left at a risky guess that nothing will take you by surprise from behind.
  • Accelerator is harder than other scooters. You can feel it catch up on your wrist as you twist it.
  • Suspension is hard. It works good for speeds > 50 kmph (my weight) but on lower speeds, they tend to rebound a bit on hefty potholes or quick humps.
  • Brakes are disc with combo and not ABS. Never had an issue with this yet, but my Wego with drum brakes have given me real scares. So have to be careful, since Ather can go much faster.

Verdict: The 450x is not perfect. But it is the best available EV2W till date.

No, the 450x is the best among all the petrol scooter 450x is the best East or West 450x is the best❤

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