Add "Siri Shortcuts" support for iOS App

iOS has an App called Siri Shortcuts which can be used to create neat workflows for our repetitive tasks. The idea is to get some basic things done from the App just by asking Siri, without even opening the App.

For this to work with any App the app needs to support Siri Actions. If the iOS App supports this integration, it would be very useful to get some things done easily with voice instead of opening the App.

Some of the features which can be exposed to the Shortcuts can be,

  • Check the current charging status.
  • Check the location of the scooter.
  • Check the current batter percentage/Range left.
  • While on ride, ask to route to the nearest Grid point.
  • Unlock the charger
  • Check the battery performance (For this to work, the App has to expose the ride statistics data locally, not sure if this is possible)

The possibilities are limitless, and it would enhance the overall experience much better and smoother. Please let me know what you guys think.


Same would be good if it’s available for Android customers supported with Google assistant…


I think Google Assistant also should have the same kind of integration with 3rd party apps.


It’ll be real smart , hope app developers integrate app to support shortcuts.

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