Adapter for charging

Ather should have plans to sell the charging adapter, then we can charge the vehicle from many other charging stations other than that of ather grid.
@Ather.Team please comment


They do. I have bought one and it definitely is a huge boon!


Good to know

How much you paid for it? I heard it costs 5K?


I went to the experience center and yes they are charging 5K for the charger and you can charge your vehicle with any normal point with that one.

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Yea, but 5K is out of proposition for an adapter and it is a must have for that matter.

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Can someone suggest me the known electrical shops for purchasing the junction box attached?!

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the bigger problem

i don’t have to prove EV are better in every aspect to people at least on the forum here

so straight away into the real issue

“people Mind-set”

last trip could have been much better with high speeds - it is just the charging left stooped me from enjoying scooter full potential! (though i have 50% left in the battery was worried about return to home)

yes communication (knowing language) is one part which i managed but convincing that it is not expensive to charge it up to even full battery is real problem…

most of us just can’t estimate or even understand what power a unit off electric have and the energy output it can sustain especially in EV’s in general sense…

so will encourage people to put up 5A charging point where ever possible (obviously if they are interested to support) - at least people who own a home can put up this very easily (i do not blame who are tenants but let’s make an effort) – from yesterday I was making this effort to put up charging port also talking to people who I know –no luck still though – shall continue doing so… should be sure I will find success
just in case if u are able to manage to put up a point please update on MAPS with label as free charging, so that people know.

We don’t have to do this for long term though, am sure with enough awareness you might not be surprised if government agencies like RBI should bring up a rule advising all ATM should have a provision to charge EV……as most of the villages these days have a reach for ATM
Also highways have electricity throughout the road – imagine we have 5A socket every 70km (I can go to every city in India) and this doesn’t take huge infra as it is already there we just need to figure out a way to pump that juice in secure way…
There are many such ideas – cannot wait for authority to come for rescue hence proposing to concentrate on changing attitude of people around us – which might be more easy



One more sensible and straight forward option is all Ather owners or all those whi wish to share their personal grid.

Ather can have them populated in the map/app with different color.
Apply restriction on time if in case (turn off from map accordingly)
Ather to enable support from point to charge other bikes.

Connect owners with consent.
Owners support each other with acces to grid (access in the premises with a quick call to security and concerned).

It has to be us who start this and see larger foot print of charge points on map.


May be an option with SOS button on APP which alerts Ather owners around that locality who opt to help will get a notification and can offer help immediately without waiting for some one

this helps grow confidence within owners and this will not cost much even if you bother about the expenses of electricity - Ather have provided the POD and this can be put to use with owners help…

thoughts please


Agree on this fully, guess we the community should work and build together to promote.


Please let me know if the charging adapter Ather provides requires a 5A or 15A plug point?


I think such a community mentality should go beyond just Ather. Which is what the Recharge India app has already started doing.
They show a list of community charging points and they have populated the ather grid points as well.
The app experience and polish is not upto the mark (nowhere near as good as ather app). But pretty good for a community driven initiative.
Hope more people sign up there and the app remains upto date.


I have been to Sobha Heritage a new apartment newly built at Hosakerehalli

i found this

but for some reason i couldn’t charge with my portable charger

dashboard promoting not charging

not sure why

but good to see builders started thinking of future and installing points in parking lot
there is only one though. atleast they started

people who are interested can get in touch with the manufacturer

that picture has the details


Also @Ather.Team you may want to check the point and advise why this isn’t compatible (may be by contacting the manufacturer over phone)

Also you can check Ather grid possibility as they have lots of parking space even before entering the building

it is exactly opposite to Legacy convention center (which has helipad too…!!1)


Good information abi garu

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I have seen similar system. i am not able to recall where i saw this system.

How it works
we need to enter registered Mobile No. and punch OTP.
it will start charging and tell us how many unit we have consumed via SMS.


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exicom fast charger for verito in my office

money charged is kind of cheap

it makes more noise than our fan despite being so bulky