About series 1 Panel

I am willing to buy ather limited edition series. Whether transparent panel will be provided to all those who have booked for limited edition series?

Hi! You cannot buy Series 1( limted special edition) unless you Booked your Ather before 28 Jan. Or unless you swap your order with someone. And to answer your question, it will be provided to all those who have Series 1 scooter. It will be done at your doorstep and will be free of charge. The panels will be applied starting from August.

Will I get panel upgrade offer when I book ather series 1 now?

As I said earlier, Series 1 is only for those who booked 450X before January 28 or if you swap with someone who has a S1 order.

It isn’t that simple too,u have to find if ur local dealer has stock of series 1 even if u have the booking stock at the dealer plays a major role

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