Abhijit's upgrade to the Ather 450X

There’s a reason why I didn’t write about the series 1 till now. I was hunting ntorqs and aprilias.

This post is gonna be all about acceleration and topspeed and the burn this baby causes to petrol heads :crazy_face:

Today, while headed to the gym, my SOC was 49% and there was this ntorq guy who kept tailing me real close. I was in ride more and was constantly clocking 64kmph. Then came rhe signal, dude stopped right next to me, kept revving and giving that pullingo jerk to the scooter. I weigh around 88kgs and had some stuff and a rain coat everything put together, the gross load on top of the vehicle would have been close to 100kgs. On the ntorq, this dude was skinny and had 1 helmet. I’m assuming it was 75kgs on top of the vehicle. Switched to warp mode, and the signal turned green. When I touched 40kmph, he was around 5 feet behind me, pinned his accelerator. When I touched 90kmph, he was atleast 25 feet behind me. At this point, I’m assuming he realized he’s done for and slowed down. I slowed down too. Was infact doing 50kmph to see his face to feel that burn. Dude never gave me that chance :rofl::rofl:.

10 to 50 kmph is absolute bonkers :heart:

Great work team. Please bring in more premium products. I’ll pre order every one of them.


Been doing a bit of this stuff (with safety considerations) with my 450 as well. Quite potent machines from Ather.

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