A big appreciation to Ather Coimbatore ( Rajdurai's E Vehicles )

Hello Friends ,

I own an Ather 450X and I am from Komarapalayam ( 638183 ) , The Primary Belt on my vehicle snapped off with in 407.9 kms on ODO. I instantly called RSA on the app to get some help on this but unfortunately they requested me to send the vehicle to Banglore service centre which is near to me as per their records ( approx 300 kms ).

I was very much frustrated and told them that to and fro for the transportation costs more and takes loads of time and its unacceptable for a brand new vehicle.

Suddenly thought of calling Ather Coimbatore ( approx 100 Kms ) and tried if I can get some help from them .

WOW ! instantly the technician took the call to the MD Mr. Vishnav and explained the issues and got the replacement belt from Chennai via Courier and on the very next 2 nd day Mr. Vishnav personally called me for an appointment to fix it at my door step as a good will support.

The technical team of 3 from Ather Coimbatore came to my home today with all necessary equipments and fixed the issues precisely.

Ather Coimbatore has retained the trust I kept on Ather.

I heartily thank Ather Coimbatore Team for resolving my issues as soon as possible.

A big Hats off to Ather Coimbatore Team and keep this support maintained so no other brands can come near Ather.

Now I am very proud of owning an ATHER.


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