5000 km review forum

Hello guys

Interested to see the pro’s and con’s review for the long term users

Lets see if it matches up

Daily distance covered: 60KM in one full charge
Average Ride Mode Range: 71 km as per display
Pro’s : Ride Quality, Performance, TORQUE,Seating Convenience,
Con’s: 1) The Dual Disk brake is too much for the vehicle to handle due to the tire size and it skids a lot due to the small tires and i have heard that a lot of people fell lately
2) The battery performance seems to come down and unfortunately my battery was replaced due to charging issue


wow! just for 6KM battery performance reduced…
By how much?

I understand that the performance reduction was due to the malfunctioning of the battery henceforth they replaced the battery with a new one

I noticed lately that my vehicle Never used to get charged more than 59km and it used display as not charging though the pod never indicated any malfunctioning


Do you face the brake issue very often?
Was the charging problem from beginning or it catched a little later.

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As it’s rainy season its better to be catious infact the problem is not with the brakes at all ather has one of the best brakes

The problem is with tires I guess do you have the same issue?

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Anyone who has covered more than 6k

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nice to hear that you have crossed 5k. I just curious about Ather servicing hope you have done 1st servicing of yours 450. If so please share your experience about that.

Service with respect to Ather is a blissful experience for sure !! As everything gets covered under the Ather one program there is nothing to be bothred about but still they change the brake pads as per there standard policy, refill the brake Fulids and re adjust the tention of the belt nothing much but they explain you everything on the call for what they have done before delivering the vehicle to your place


Was there an option to drop and pickup the vehicle on your own? Also, where is their service center?

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They have there service center at Banarghatta road i guess and yep i think that should be an option if you are willing forward to drop and pickup on your own which would ease out there work

Hi All,

I have done 5.5k Kms on my Ather 450.

It has been an awesome experience all through those 5.5K Kms! The braking issue which Naveen has talked about, I have faced it too but it is not too bad.

Minor issues:

  • Had an issue with the seat making noise whenever i go over speed breakers or tiny potholes
  • The motor fan started making a whirring noise at around 4k kms, it was not that noticeable but it was present

Both the seat and the motor cooling fan were replaced(at my doorstep) within a day or two.

Ride performance:

-There has been no reduction in performance whatsoever! It still gives me the same mileage it used to give when it was New and the same brilliant acceleration and top speed(90kmph on the display) is still there

-I am an aggressive rider, always ride in sport mode - I still get 60kms on sports mode(remember it is aggressive acceleration and braking as well)

-My dad rides in the “Ride” mode always and it gives around 75-80kms range.

Major Con:

@Shreyas If you could please let me know any other better permanent solution, I would be really grateful!

I have always experienced a clanking sound from the rear tyre, Ather team took a look into it and they said it is the drive belt. Caused due to sand particles getting stuck in it after riding in rain and they said it can be resolved by a pressure wash.

I did do a pressure wash and the noise would stop but it would slowly come back again after riding for two or three days. This is a repetitive issue and am not sure if anyone else has faced this and the only resolution is to do a pressure wash.
If anyone has found a better resolution… please let me know! :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, am more than happy to reply to it!



wow @asokang28, nice review.
I guess a belt cover sort of accessory would solve the issue you are facing, maybe @Ather.Team would help in getting one


Completed 6k. No issues to mention but only observation is with new software update Ride is showing only 64 and i observed mileage is slightly reduced and it is negligible. Also i observed that while charging in mobile app it is not giving proper update. The last one is when we check and fill reduced air volve is getting loose and for 2 to 3 times i need to fill the air as it’s becoming flat. Couple of times i have changed the volve.


Did they charge you for that ?

Did they cost u for that or comes under subscription and warranty

No bro!! It was free of charge and completely haseel free

Thanks for the reply

Picture from the day after I got it.

Hit 5,000 km over the weekend. Here’s how it’s been:

Issues faced till date:

  1. Multiple screen freezes and restarts. None of them affected the ride though
  2. Motor fan cover fell off, was fixed by the service team
  3. Rear tyre got punctured twice, was fixed by the service team both the times
  4. Charging cable conked off, was replaced under warranty


  1. Amazing acceleration and overall performance
  2. Amazing agility and maneuverability in traffic
  3. Good amount of boot space
  4. Good suspension and wheel travel for pothole ridden roads
  5. Charges pretty quickly
  6. No noticeable drop in range
  7. No squeaks or rattles from any panel
  8. Riding in rain is a bliss
  9. Still turns heads
  10. No vibration or noise while idling (realised this when I rode an ICE last month)

Minor annoyances:

  1. Tyres deflate more frequently than I’d like
  2. Lots of sharp edges around the handlebar area
  3. Idle drain is about 10% daily
  4. Network connectivity is a hit or miss throughout the city
  5. Auto-brightness adjustment doesn’t work as expected
  6. Absence of a brake lock.

Major annoyances:

1. Seat design: Seat contour and shape is bad for taller riders. Pillion seat lacks cushioning for extended commutes
2. Mirrors: Shape of the mirrors cut-off blind spots. Never been able to adjust the mirror to my comfort due to short mirror stocks
3. Headlight: Intensity and angle of throw both could be better. Especially with a pillion.


  1. Left it idle for 17 days and 10 days, battery drained to 0 in both instances.
    Lesson learnt: Shut-down vehicle before leaving the city.

  2. Forgot to charge once and was barely able to reach work with 7% battery at start. Vehicle died while climbing a multi-level car park at the office.
    Lesson learnt: Charge daily

Other Stats:

  1. Once rode 86 km with a pillion. Still had 17% range left at the end of the trip.
  2. Best efficiency on a long trip was about 115km/charge
  3. Used Ather Grid at 6 locations: Ather Space, IBC KP, Nature’s Basket, Forum Shantiniketan, Phoenix Marketcity and Cafe Azzure.
  4. Average speed in traffic remains between 14-17 kmph
  5. Average range per charge is 65km in both ride and sport mode.
  6. Saved at least 15k in fuel and maintenance compared to using an ICE bike.
  7. Saved around 75k in comparable cab bills (Not that I would use cabs for most things anyway)
  8. Approximate electricity usage = 250 kWh (Rs. 1500 worth, more than which got reimbursed)

What do I want for the next upgrade?

  1. Bigger wheels and fatter tyres: For the delightful B’lore roads
  2. More power: Always a good to have
  3. Definitely more range: For the longer weekend trips

Ah so you were the one with the record.
Also nice to see you back on the forum @Shreyas.G on the other side now


First post and you write your 5000km review! Why does your forum ID and photo look similar to me? :grin:

Welcome to the other side…would love to hear more from you and your experiences with your Ather 450. and please add some pictures in your posts too :slight_smile: