500 km challenge in 24 hours on my ather 450x

Hey, I’m Tausif Shaikh I am a mechanical engineering student residing at Malabar Hill, Mumbai. I have driven 17500km in 6 months with my Ather 450x. I have also completed a few long rides on my Ather 450x, one of them was Mumbai to Murud and back totalling to 340 km.

This 26th February,22 I will be taking up a challenge of riding 500kms within 24hrs on my Ather 450x! Yes you heard it right 500kms within 24hrs.

I will be Majorly riding in Mumbai so as to get access to the charging grids from time to time. A rough map of the route I look to cover is the Western express Highway, Eastern express Highway and towards Mumbai Southbound.

Team Ather has always been supportive. Looking forward towards the unconditional love and support for this challenge too!

I am attaching my instagram handle and the link to my YouTube channel too :))

-Shaikh Tausif A proud Atherian!


Hope you purchased in lease model for your kind of usage :joy: