450Xperience - Test driving the 450X WARP mode!

Before I start my initial experience, HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY TO OUR ATHER FORUM! :blush:

Thanks to Ather and Abhishek for providing the other moderators and me for giving us early access to the 450X!

To start with, I got a call from Abhishek on Thursday asking me if I can make myself free on Ganesh Chaturthi, ie. Saturday. It was tough to convince my family. But Abhishek had promised that it would be worth it. :crossed_fingers: I couldn’t stop thinking about what they would show us.

So Saturday arrived, started with pooja to Ganesha, and headed towards IBC. I parked my scooter near the grid and started walking towards the Ather office. I reached the third floor, and to my surprise, I saw the camera crew in the reception. This made me even more curious to know what the plan was for today. We entered the office, and we met Akshita, Ryan, Shuva, Saurabh & Ravneet. We had a small talk regarding the Community, Collectors Edition, 3G to 4G swap, and 450X. And then they were like, “Do you guys want to try out the WARP mode?” We were already thrilled to check it out. But didn’t know there was something more to it.

We headed out to the parking lot, where we were greeted with 3 450X in all their new colors and their glory! :heart_eyes: White, Mint, and Grey! They all looked stunning. We put on the helmet and were ready to take it on a spin. As the parking lot was small, we had to do multiple laps. Also, we had a drag race between the 450 and X to see how better it was. SPOILER ALERT – X FEELS MUCH FASTER than our beloved 450.

The Warp Experience – I am an aggressive rider. I don’t open the app t o see how heavy I am Sorry. How bad I am at riding it efficiently. :joy: I ride my 450 on Sports almost all the time. I was curious to know how better it is compared to Sports because Sports is already Super Fast!

A small pull of the throttle, and it felt like it was taking off! Trust me, and it was THAT GOOD!

Instantly I found the difference. It was much faster than the 450 in terms of initial pickup, torquey nature, and handling. It just pulls and pulls and pulls. After riding the 450X, I felt 450 was SLOW. Just like an ICE scooter. :rofl: I felt like a kid on a Go-kart track. I was also sad that I couldn’t take it home. And I didn’t want to go back to the 450. We stopped after a couple of laps and started talking to the Ather team about this MEAN MACHINE! Little did we know that it was a pit stop and not a full stop. :sweat_smile:

A NOTCH ABOVE EXPECTATIONS – Ather never fails to exceed our expectations. It always feels like a personal touch. It is also like I know the team for a long time. The initial forum days to the Chennai Launch to the 450X launch in Delhi, I have had a close bonding with all the folks at Ather. And they do everything in style and never let down their customers.

Saurabh casually walks to us and tells us that you can take the bikes home for the weekend. We just had to ask again to confirm that if we really could ride it home. :joy: FYI, I have been a part of a lot of beta services and products, and no one has given me this colossal product to test it and take it home. :hugs:

My heart was Warp’ing! I couldn’t wait!

We were shocked and never expected such a gift must I say on Ganesha Chaturthi! What was supposed to be a regular festival turned out to be an exciting one!

Soon we finished all the formalities and made sure we took the portable charger. Raghav, Hemanth, and I were discussing which color we wanted :joy: for me, it was always, always the MATT GREY!


I’ve been using the Ather 450X for two days and here are my thoughts on it! :yum:

Ride from IBC to my relative’s house – As it was Ganesha Chaturthi, I had to get to my relative’s home quickly, and I couldn’t miss the Aarathi. I double-checked that they had a socket to charge the 450X in their parking. And luckily, they had one.


I wanted to see how it feels on the road, have our Bengaluru folks seen enough Ather scooters on the road? But to my surprise, it stood out. People saw it like the way they saw mine one year ago! Still new and still different! It caught the attention of a lot of people. I was already happy. I hit the Mysore Road, as you all might know it’s a longggggg stretch, and I could finally unleash the Dragon inside! I hit 80 – 90, almost all the long stretches. And it brought me a smile on my face. :relaxed: The initial pickup is just BRILLIANT! I showed it to my family, and even they were pretty surprised to see it because I’ve never taken home something this huge and surprising them. :joy: I headed back home after a good Habbada Oota :sweat_smile:, and while I was riding back home, it started to rain. I wanted to stop for a while and then continue. But the 450X gave me enough confidence, and I made it back home safely. I kept it for charge and couldn’t wait for today!

Today morning, I gave it a squeaky clean wash. Remember, folks, treat your Ather well! Wash it and make it look new, every single day. :sweat_smile: I headed out to take some photos and meet a few more friends and flaunt it :laughing: (attaching pictures at the end of the thread). I called up Abhishek and asked him if I could keep it for at least a day more! I didn’t want to give it back. I didn’t want to go back to the sports mode! But I had to give it back! Sadly, All good things must come to an end. :pensive:

On the way to IBC to hand over the 450X, I visited Airlines for a strong filter coffee! I love their coffee! :laughing: After parking the 450X and two guys came near me and instantly recognized that it was a 450X because of the lovely MATT GREY. If I continued to talk to them, they would have inevitably asked me for a test ride. :joy: I felt so happy inside. I felt like a celebrity for having the 450X and people recognized me with it. :joy: I finished my coffee and left for IBC to hand it over. After I returned it and hopped on my 450, I instantly started missing the WARP mode! It was that good! I just wanted to go back and take back the 450X for a couple of more days. :joy:

Overall, the 450X is just FANTASTIC! As @Rahul quoted, Only Ather can beat Ather & Only a 450X can replace a 450! :heart_eyes: Thank you Ather and @abhishek.balaji for providing me such a fantastic opportunity to test the 450X! I still can’t stop thinking about the WARP MODE! Also, as @raghav.srinivasan quoted, You guys have really ruined the 450 for me! :joy:


My bad, forgot to add a couple of pictures! :sweat_smile: Here you go!


Where can I fit the Batman logo?


Is this the final production model? Can u please do comparison with 450. what extra we get here?

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Basically the differences are

  • Quicker with 26Nm of torque , up from 20.5Nm with a warp mode- I think it’s the major selling point- making it the fastest scooter in india I guess
  • range now 85Km, up from 75Km
  • New colours- which look dope
  • New dashboard with bluetooth and 4G enabled connectivity
  • New wiring I think (?)
  • maybe a better tuned suspension.

Everything else, exactly the same If you remember how the ather 340 was, then 450:340::450X:450


If you’re asking about the warp mode trials, these are not production ready 450X. Production ready 450X will be available in a few weeks, with the new Android dashboard, UI, Bluetooth, side stand sensor etc. These have been built for warp mode trials :smiley: