450x Warp mode review Hyderabad

It’s a long story for my fondness of electric vehicles, but I will keep it short for this review of ather 450x. When I read about the lucky ones in Bangalore who were given a chance to keep the 450x prototype for the entire weekend I was wondering, will they give such an option for Hyderabad folks, and if they what are my chances? The day I saw the message from Abhishek that he wants to have a quick talk and to share something existing. somewhere I was like, is this going be of that wish of keeping 450x for the weekend. hurray yes, that came true and I was like super excited. Not just like doing a test ride, I can have the feel of how will it be like owning an electric scooter at home. Finally, ather team and its amazing collaboration on 16th Oct Friday evening Prime motors of Hyderabad delivered the vehicle at my door step and gave me a quick demo along with a portable charger. I and my daughter took it for a short ride within my society and got hands-on with the vehicle. The next day morning I took for a long ride around the roads of Madhapur, Gachibowli ORR, Inorbit mall road, Lanco Hills road, and manikonda area. I was like a celebrity in my locality every rider wants to have a quick glance at my ride, it’s weeee sounds amazed every other rider I pass through. And the best part Warp mode, Oh god this is unbeatable for you and it can beat any other scooter in fact some of the high-performance vehicles with its quick power. Its weight balance, braking, and riding dynamic are so perfect to drive without a worry, amazing handling. I can vouch that I made the right decision and stick to my purchase of 450x. The amazing team and its vision have given us a great Indian product. Just counting the days the day I actually own this beast. Great Job Ather… My 3.5-year-old daughter proudly tells her friends my Papps beautiful scooter, my scooter. For both of us, I am going to purchase it.

my ride experience shared in this video


Hyderabad skyline is amazing

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You’re a hell of a lucky guy to get early access :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to get my hands on this beast :hugs:

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I can finally see why everyone complains about the rear view mirrors. :rofl:


Lucky to get a chance to test ride for two days. Really excited to receive my series 1 in November.