450X Warp mode Experience ;)

Well, Technically,

Ather 450 → 0-60 kmph → 8.3 secs

Ather 450X → 0-60 kmph → 6.5 secs

That 2 seconds seems so little in paper.

But once you drag race 450 vs 450X, 450 never catches on to 450X :fire:

The difference in acceleration is exceptional, We even tried delay starting 450x around 10 meter behind 450, still 450X catches 450 in just couple of seconds and smokes it :zap:

Special thanks to @abhishek.balaji for this surprise experience at Chennai AS.

Can’t wait to see how the collectors edition bike would look :star_struck:


I’m sure the 450X is more powerful and more feature rich compared to the 450 and compared to any scooter out there. I absolutely low this matt black colour scheme, I remember ather saying they would offer their 450 in only white and nothing else. Happy they changed their mind. Sad it didn’t come on the 450 :stuck_out_tongue: That being said I personally don’t feel that the 450X is a big enough upgrade for us 450 owners, especially at the price that it’s being sold right now.
I’m happy I was able to get the 450 at a steal deal now. Having the fastest Scooter in the country, and the smartest is definitely an amazing feeling, but the 48k difference between the 2nd smartest (ather 450) and the 450X isn’t justified in my opinion. Because at the end of the day, majority of the 2 wheeler market is comprised of people who are looking for a easy, practical, economical mode of transport. The lack of effort in fixing the shortcomings of the 450 like the mirrors, seat, sharp finished corners, (when they had the opportunity to do so in the 450X), reflects badly on ather’s effort to listen to their customers. I was wondering how many of you would be upgrading to the 450X after reading all the reviews on the forum today

  • Will upgrade to the 450X
  • I will keep my 450
  • Don’t own one, will be buying the 450X
  • I wish I could own the 450 in my city

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