450X Unveil live blog

We’ll be live blogging from the unveil event tomorrow. Stay tuned here for updates.


Hello guys, welcome to the 450X unveil blog. The event will start soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

The stage is set!


The introduction has just started. Going through the history of how Ather started at IIT Madras, Bengaluru and Chennai launch.

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A small recap of the Chennai launch event! :slight_smile:

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Finally! Tarun on stage!
Can’t wait to see what he has for us!

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Tarun is running through how the 450 was conceptualised and how it has generated value for Ather.


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Tarun is now going over the Ather Grid network.

And now about Ather Dot and the old point.

Talking about the 450 and Ota updates. But showing us the dashboard of the 450X.
Zoom in the picture to see it :wink:

Talking about our Ather community and Ather cakes! :smiley:


Warp mode!!


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Charge faster at the grid!

Better regen. Better tyres.

Open source FTW! :slightly_smiling_face:

3 color options!

Apologies for the color differences in the image.

Left is white, middle is green and the last is Matte Grey

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Upcoming is the most important part.


Changes to the ownership model.

  • Battery warranty is LIFETIME!!
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