450x True range

Hello fellow 450x Owners. I am here to know from your experience about the range given by 450x. It would be a great help. I will be booking the vehicle this week.

Thanks! cheers :slight_smile:

It depends on which mode you use and how efficiently you drive, but I get around 70 to 80 km in ride mode( as I usually use ride mode while travelling),

but I am sharing my ride statistics of all the modes I have used till now, with eco mode, you can get up to 100km range, but by limiting your top speed and acceleration

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Thanks Ram for your reply. Seems like Ride and Eco mode to be good with that range.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have in your mind, although I would like to warn you that there are a lot of bugs and issues with the dashboard, but performance wise, there is no issues, it’s awesome to ride, and at last if you haven’t pre-ordered already, you can use my referral code LCOWU0 to get ₹2500 ather credits and discounts. Welcome to the Ather family!

You can also read this post to see how to get good range out of your vehicle. This will help you once you start using your 450X. The post is written for Ather 450 but is applicable for 450X as well.

Tips on how to get good range from your Ather bike