450X timelines for your city!

These guys now changing date now they are telling its dealership … like that alll

Timeline for Mangalore

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Same thing happened in kolkata as well…

I hope very soon! I am starting to see a lot of outlets of Carbon Neutrality opening up in every direction in Mangaluru and nearby cities/towns of the district and in Udupi, and it gets me wondering if it will eat into Ather’s most critical target market of early EV adopters :pensive:


What about Pune?

Agar muje jodhpur main ya mumbai main Branch kholni ho to kya karna hoga,??? Kaise kya karna hai bataye :pray::pray::pray:


The forum is for mainly for owners (propective or already who own)for retailing topics, please follow the below link and get in touch with the responsible people from Ather. Thanks

Which new 15 cities? :heart_eyes::pleading_face:


I wish Visakhapatnam or Vijayawada to be in that list

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Are we there yet Mumbai?

Got the same mail.

So, Ather started production at its new Hosur plant? That’s good news. I wonder if the quick expansion to more cities is due to the new plant or subdued demand due to the higher pricing of 450x. I feel it’s a combination of both.

Ather should seriously start sales in European countries. They can set up a small assembly plant in one of the EU countries to serve all of Europe. While 450X is pricey in India, it will be a bargain in the EU with a price of ~3,000 euros.


Yea. It’s going to be more than that. You have to factor in higher operating costs (higher minimum wages, etc).

Tarun did mention this is the Series 1 event but Ravneet told him to simmer down. :joy: Also in the event, Tarun added that first they are going to focus on getting the 450X to people across the country then only work on a new model or international market.

Heard that Chetak will be launching in 30 more cities including Visakhapatnam, now people would be going mad at it , as it’s a retro scooter that’s brought back again, people would buy it rather than Ather, I really want Ather to expand as fast as it can.

People usually don’t consider what’s under the hood, they just go for it because of the brand value


And here’s Ather’s reply :slight_smile:


I have no words!!! Thanks a lottt!!!

I just guessed it!


Mysore and Hubli in the next list but not Mangalore. The wait continues… :sob:

I have an Ather 450 in Visakhapatnam, now as ather is cominig to vizag, can I get the servicing done here? As there are no 450’s going on sale here

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This is something Ather can answer after they open a service dealership there. However that said, the 450 and the 450x share a lot of components and parts. I am hoping Ather updates their policy and ship required parts from Bengaluru or Chennai to Non-450 cities.


When will Ather come to Madurai any idea ?

Here it’s huge demand