450x surprise surprise!

@Rahul always has his way in explaining things. I’m sure @abhishek.balaji was sweating reading it :rofl:.

Talking about the 450x, how to say it, it’s a freaking baby beast! When I tested the acceleration, I didn’t notice that the front and rear tyres had 17 and 20 psi respectively. Even though the tyres psi weren’t optimal, the 20 to 50kmph comes in so fast, it’s safe to say the recoil is enough to push you back your seat!

We also did a quick drag race twice where I tried to keep up with the X, in about 2 seconds, the 450x is atleast 15 feet ahead.

The cyan colored 450x looked super appealing! I never thought I’d like that color, but it quickly gained on me.

Sadly I took only 1 picture of the cyan colored 450x.

Can’t wait to get to know what the collector’s edition would look like​:grin::grin:


If you keep looking at cyan gummy bear, you’ll end up buying it. It had the same hypnotic effect on me. Even now I’m fighting hard inside me to resist it.


Was it a limited edition test drive? Any pre-requisite including CIBIL score? :slight_smile:


You’ll find out very soon! :slight_smile:

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