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I was surprised when I saw this outage thing. Because, both yesterday and last week, I travelled thru main areas. I checked with my friend’s Jio signal when I was trying restarts and shut-downs, where his phone signal was perfect.

That time, I really thought it was the dongle which is not able to pickup signal. I was about to raise complaint and I saw this message.

By any chance, these commercial e-SIMs on Dongle and our consumer SIMs on phone work differently?


Well, I had an issue talking to some of my relatives living in Mumbai. When I asked them, some of them had issues with Jio while some hadn’t. That might be the case over here, too. (I had no issues using any of Jio’s services that day.)

I have used dongles so I can say that they work similarly to the normal SIMs. e-SIMs are also same as normal SIMs with a unique number. So, I do not see any difference in how they work, in general. (I may be wrong in dongles’ case. So, please correct me if I’m wrong.)


I think so. Usually when these Commercial services are down the usual consumer services work normally.

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Today, had the same experience.

Full Signal was there when I took the vehicle. Map loaded quickly. After 12-13 kms, lost signal (underpass near ramamurthy nagar), it never came back until I reached Yelahanka (for more than 30 mins).

When I took the vehicle back after 1.5 hrs after a restart, signal came back.

When returning back also same. Signal lost during one of the under-pass and never recovered.

But, phone signal was good throughout.

  1. Signal strength slightly weaker in Dongle, which is evident when going thru Underpass.
  2. Once a signal lost, it does not come back most of the time until restart (and wait for few mins).

Did anyone else with (450) or without Dongle (450X) face similar?


This is a known issue. We are living with it ever since we bought it. Ather is working. Some day, they will either let us use wifi or fix this issue. :blush:


I believe Yours is 450x? So this is not specific to Dongle 4G then.


I see similar behaviour in my 450 too. First initial months, it was very bad, however it has improved over the period of time.


Listen to 450x sound.m4a by Rockstar on #SoundCloud

I had given my vehicle to service and after coming back the sound of the scooter is increased much more than i expected, but how can the sound get increased after service? If we can manually increase the sound then i would love to do that.

This is the same audio riding at 18kmph. The sound is more louder at 18kmph it will not come at 17 or above 18, exactly at 18 the sound kicks in like boommmmm.

So i tried to keep the speed in 18 and recorded the audio. I tried my best to keep 18 sometimes it may go to 17 and 19.

The sound is awesome :relaxed: it goes full on whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

If the sound can be increased more it will be the first thing i would do. The sound is so much pleasant to hear its futuristic and attention seeker too because of the sound.

If I’m not wrong Ather is the only electric vehicle which makes sound compared to other ev’s on road ( which is one of the best part i love about Ather )


One thing is for sure people love noise. They believe that they are not enjoying themselves unless they make a lot of noise and disturb lots of others. They also seem to believe that the gods have hearing problems.


I believe it’s the result of cleaner belt resonating at specifically 18kmph. I also experienced this after first service. It’s soothing to hear. And best part is, people notice even without me honking.


I can’t comment on the intensity of the sound here but it sounds about the same as my new Ather (~2 months). I would personally love if the scooter did not make as much noise but from what I’ve seen on the forum so far, people like me seem to be in the minority!

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Today from Marathahalli bridge to MG road. No underpass. Signal lost within 5 minutes.

Signal never came back. Had to restart once at Domlur signal.

Within few minutes signal lost.

Even after 20 minutes never came back. Restarted again at MG road. This s annoying.

We don’t use map every day. But every time we use map, this issue is frustrating.

I was in main roads throughout. Phone had full signal strength. Why Dongle goes to zero signal is a question mark.

What happens at restart, ideally should be done once signal is lost. It’s doable. Just that no attention or interest to fix this.


It has been more than a year and software has stayed the same … buggy as ever… sigh…!


Same here I had just told them there is an little squishy noise and they ultimately mad it worse and now it volume is high and initial pick up added an floor vibration too


Yes if Ather provides Bluetooth helmet it will be very nice and no need for using ear pod i think Ather should implement this


Finally its happening … @tarun thank you !

They use LG INR21700M48 cells

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They are using that fire retardant material for the inner space gaps. these even help in cooling the cells. Engineering at its best. BTW why did you open up the pack?


It is not a wax, if it was wax it would have settled down when temps go high, it’s still in its place, it’s wax-like, maintains temps and is fire retardent. I think it’s phosphazene it’s a gel-like substance.

Oh, Okay.

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