450X Ownership/Buying Experience!

Hello Ather Fam,

This is a buying n Initial ownership Experience!

I’m a gadget enthusiastic and youtube Vlogs have been a university to get equipped with loads n tons of information.

Now coming on to Ather. My fever for it grew with number of Vlogs, so much information, made me think of getting one, but question was is there a NEED?

Phase of how to convince family started, so many calculations “When you want something, you ensure to give all possible calculations n reason”

Luckily, operations of Ather began in HYD with test rides, booked test ride on Friday, drove it for 30 mins, WARP mode, mahn thats one heck of invention, Hype Truly Justified! Booked 450X, with Series 1 available, was happy to take a limited edition available.

Delivery process was seamless, no jhick-jhick, whatever was not needed, Team Ather didn’t try to impose, different experience in India, which i never experienced earlier ever and I was an Ather 450 X Series 1 Proud Owner in no time!

Biggest question will it be to take weight, we are healthy Punjabi Fam, wanted to ensure it doesn’t get one rider bike for us. Tested it with me n my brother with total weight of 220 kgs

Achieved top speed of 85 kmphs, with almost 60 kms driven at stretch!

How much did you test, your Ather yet?

So bindaas go electric and long term savings n guilt free Miles…


Awesome. Kudos :+1::ok_hand:

Glad to hear it can take 220 KGs with no issues as I was wondering the same.

What is your height along with your brother? can two 6ft guys sit comfortably for an hour at least.

Ather won’t say it but it can take a lot more than 220Kg. I’ve ridden with 250Kg and it pulls very comfortable. The difference between Ather and an Ice accelration becomes more pronounced when you have more load. Courtesy the torque on offer.

If you modify the seat a little. Then it can. Else it kind of hurts to sit for >10mins

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Both of us are 6ft and were able to survive 50 kms easily, initially my brother felt bit discomfort, but it was not a show stopper. Once, we get used to it, it very comfy. N we were revving T warp the entire trip😂

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